Monday, 10 November 2008

Warrington - King's Church presentation

Tonight I gave my talk to leaders and volunteers linked to King's Church, Warrington.

I stressed how my life had unraveled due to my puerperal psychosis but also how 'the church' had played its role in my journey. I was found on the steps of a church when I completely broke down and it was at the same church that I felt compelled to speak about my illness the first time. As they say .. the rest is history!

I gave the audience my tips on how to help sufferers and the impression I was given back was that they felt my story and ideas related to many other areas of suffering, not just postnatal problems. A couple of middle-aged men also commented to me that they could relate to my feelings from past times in their lives.

I hope I have sent the members away realising the importance and value of sometimes just 'being there' for people.

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