Friday, 29 January 2010

Foods to eat in pregnancy

One of my tips for those suffering from depression is a good diet - often hard to achieve when you are in 'can't be bothered' mode, but this is one area where your support team of family and friends can help. They can shop and cook for you and tempt you with tasty morsels!

Diet in pregnancy is also vital for both mum-to-be and baby.
Here are some helpful ideas:-

Elaine Hanzak

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Have you heard about HENRY?

Have you heard about HENRY?
HENRY is an exciting new initiative designed to tackle early childhood obesity by training community and health practitioners to work more effectively with parents and young families.

Also of interest may be
Tackling obesity through the Healthy Child Programme: a framework for action provides guidance and practical direction to reduce the risks of obesity for babies, toddlers and preschool children. Nineteen themes for action are outlined, providing a framework for practitioners who work with parents and carers, clear messages for parents and a basis for guiding public health strategy.

Elaine Hanzak

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

BABY LOVE developing relationships in the early years

This sounds a good day run by INCITE - a partnership providing training in the fields of infant mental health, attachment, child & adolescent development, conduct disorder and substance misuse.

developing relationships in the early years -
promoting positive outcomes
29 March 2010

For more information and booking details

At the Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel, College Green Bristol

£70 for an individual
£60 for 2+ booking together

Elaine Hanzak

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Monday, 25 January 2010

'A Life full of Colour' - Promoting Mental Health Through Schools

This sounds like a great event organised by Public Education Committee,
Royal College of Psychiatrists, West Midlands.

Date: Wednesday 10th February 2010
Venue: Forest Arts Centre,
Hawbush Road, Walsall
West Midlands WS3 1AG

Be a part of this exciting event - a day of variety of presentations, short films, children’s quiz competition and meeting a celebrity.
The day will demonstrate examples of mental health promotion through schools & showcase collaborative working and working together of health, education and other agencies involved in looking after children’s emotional and mental health needs.

Draft programme here:

For further details please contact:
Dr Safi Afghan
Public Education Officer
West Midlands Division
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Tele: 01922 858073

Dr Ananta Dave
Consultant Psychiatrist, CAMHS
Evergreen Place, Walsall WS1 1TJ
Event Coordinator
Tele: 01922 424940

To confirm a place, email to Sue Corfield (

Elaine Hanzak

Friday, 22 January 2010

Help needed by International Medical Corps in Haiti

I am sure, like me, you have watched the dreadful pictures and news of Haiti and wondered how you can help.
I have been asked by IMC to place this message and I am very pleased to be able to do so.
International Medical Corps is a global, humanitarian, nonprofit organization, founded by volunteer doctors and nurses and dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through relief and development programs. Our emergency response team is in Haiti responding in force and I would like to ask for your help to get the word out to the readers of Elaine Hanzak's Blog. There are still thousands of patients seeking treatment of which approximately 80% are in need of surgery and are running out of time - especially with the tremendous aftershocks still devastating this country. The team is treating crush injuries, trauma, substantial wound care, shock and other critical cases with the few available supplies - And they're in it for the long haul. I would love your help spreading the word by blogging or tweeting about IMC's rescue efforts. We've put up a blogger friendly widget here on our site:

With the widget it's really easy to let your readers know that donating $10 to help the people of Haiti is as simple as sending a text message of the word "haiti" to 85944.

Let's do what we can globally to help these poor people and those in a practical position to make a difference. Have you put your own problems into perspective this week in comparison? I know I have.

Elaine Hanzak

Thursday, 21 January 2010

How to be happy in January!

I am at my parents this week - my Mum spends plenty of time on her PC and is a Queen of vouchers and offers! On Tuesday she just breezed in my room with a comment 'this is your sort of thing'......
hints on being happy

and tips to comfort you through January!

One of the tips is 'At bedtime, put clothes on or near a radiator so they’re warm for next morning.'
Yayyy! Mum taught me that trick many, many years ago - great if the heating works!!

Currently we have found a way to be happy in January .... for Christmas Mum, little sis Claire (7 Months pregnant!) and I decided to do without Christmas presents for each other but share an experience instead. So we are having a couple of days in London to see Blood Brothers and Dirty Dancing. Tasty meals out are also planned - using Mum's vouchers!

Thanks Mum!

Elaine Hanzak

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

PostPartum Support International launch their new website

When I was researching resources for my book a few years ago I came across PostPartum Support International, and their President at the time Diana Lynn Barnes wrote a foreward for my book.
I am delighted to say that PPSI have just launched their new website

They describe themselves as
Postpartum Support International is dedicated to helping women suffering from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, including postpartum depression, the most common complication of childbirth.
We also work to educate family, friends and healthcare providers so that moms and moms-to-be can get the support they need and recover. You are not alone. You are not to blame. With help, you will be well.

Although the site is mainly American there are international links and to the UK. The information is relevant globally.

Jane Honikman, the founder, and I shared a room in Australia at a Marce Society convention! She is a lovely, inspiring lady and it is most impressive to see how far PPSI has spread. If I can do even a fraction of that in the UK I will be pleased!

Elaine Hanzak

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Some meetings are meant to be! A magical 'blast from the past'!

I was getting my little sister's soon-to-be-here-baby a present this afternoon when I heard a voice I have missed since I left my full-time teaching post several years ago now - an ex-pupil of mine whom I had the pleasure of spending a couple of years with and who left a huge impression on me. I have often wondered how she was getting on. When she first entered my nursery class she was like a whirlwind, couldn't speak and left a trail of havoc! My team and I worked with her family and little by little she began to be even more delightful. I will never forget the day I returned to school for the last time, 5 months after taking sabbatical leave. When she saw me, her eyes were huge and she declared 'Elaine! You came back!' and climbed across the table to hug me! A magical moment I have never forgotten. To see her today was a true joy! And she didn't stop chattering!
What a wonderful and timely reminder of how I used to love teaching, as I have decided to do special school supply teaching again in addition to my speaking career! Some meetings are simply meant to be!

Elaine Hanzak

PiF Fifth Annual Conference: Moving beyond leaflets

11 March 2010, Aston Villa Football Club, Birmingham B6 6HE

The theme for this, PiF’s fifth annual conference, 'Moving beyond leaflets' focuses on alternative formats and approaches to information production, as well as an update on what's happening in consumer health information in England and Scotland - including the Information Standard and the development of NHS Inform.

Amongst others, there are practical sessions on using SMS messaging and websites, updates on Information prescriptions and social marketing, plus insights on how to harness the power of design and shared decision making. There will be time for networking and a chance for you to tell us your experiences and talk about the issues in consumer health information using Voxur, a film studio in a box. There will also be a post-conference drinks reception.

Delegate fees are £199 (+VAT) for PiF members and £279 (+VAT) for non-members:

Please address any queries to Carol Stevenson, PiF Conference Director at

Mark Duman MRPharmS
Patient Information Forum (PiF)
Handel House
13 Park Road
M8 4HT

Mobile : + 44 (0) 7824 605 352

Are you joining us at PiF2010? Find out more & register online at

Monday, 18 January 2010

Florence Nightingale's Global legacy to nursing.

January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010 marks Florence Nightingale’s (1820-1910) Centennial Year. Nightingale, founder of modern nursing, predicted that nurses would arrive — to bring her full work forward — some hundred years after her death. Today —15 million nurses worldwide — are these potential 21st Century Nightingales writing their chapter in history.

From this the Nightingale Initiative for Global Health has been formed

Read all about their work here:-

There is also the 2010 International Year of the Nurse which has been launched at, already featuring many 2010 Nurses Stories and planned Events. The 2010 IYNurse initiative seeks to recognize the contributions of nurses globally and to engage nurses in the promotion of world health, including all the UN MDGs. In collaboration with other global citizens, nurses will be demonstrating — throughout 2010 IYNurse — how they advocate for the achievement of these Goals globally.

Keep up the great work nurses!

Elaine Hanzak

Friday, 15 January 2010

Stress management

I came across this article on stress management.

If you are stressing take a few minutes to have a look at it as I think there are some good ideas there.

Elaine Hanzak

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Breast feeding and postnatal depression

I have been directed to this interesting site by Alison Blenkinsop, lactation consultant and midwife.

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett is an American lactation consultant and researcher into postnatal depression. Her site is:-

There are some great links here to research articles linking postnatal depression and breastfeeding.

Also on her Postpartum Depression Home Page are two overview articles on postpartum depression. The first examines postpartum depression from a psychoneuroimmunology prospective.

* Kendall-Tackett, K. A. (2007). A new paradigm for depression in new mothers: The central role of inflammation and how breastfeeding and anti-inflammatory treatments protect maternal mental health. International Breastfeeding Journal, 2:6(

The second is a curriculum that provides an overview of depression, including assessment scales.

* New Hampshire Breastfeeding Task Force. A breastfeeding-friendly approach to depression in new mothers. 2009 Edition.

Elaine Hanzak

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Breastfeeding and postnatal depression - do they go together?

I am often asked about the links between breastfeeding and postnatal depression. From my experience I loved breast feeding and as I spiraled into puerperal psychosis and was forced to be separated from baby Dominic, breast feeding was brought to an abrupt end. I was hospitalized in a 'mainstream' psychiatric unit with no specialist staff or facilities for my son to stay with me.
Even now, 13 years on, I still feel robbed of what was a wonderful experience and resent the fact it was taken away from us. I say 'us' because overnight Dominic was given formula milk in addition to being away from me, and initially staying at his grandparents. Small wonder that his excema flared up and he was agitated. For me, my overladen breasts felt like painful, ton weights on my chest. The only 'sympathy' I got from a nurse when I mentioned it was 'think yourself lucky you haven't got a big pair like mine all the time'!!!!
So I am passionate about breast feeding continuing for those mothers who have poor mental health. I also am aware now of the potential harm of separating mother and baby for bonding reasons and why I am a huge advocate of Mother and Baby units.
When you are apparently losing control on every other aspect of your life being the sole person who can breastfeed your baby can help you hold onto an element of purpose and hope.
Some professionals and their patients can be concerned about taking antidepressants whilst breastfeeding BUT although some drugs may not be suitable, others are.

There is information on this in the NICE Antenatal and postnatal mental health: clinical management and service guidance

Also have a look at the article in the Breastfeeding Network

Their website is also useful for information.

You may also find useful information at The Lactation Consultants of Great Britain.

One of their consultants has her own website and written a 'joyful celebration of breastfeeding book' - Fit to Bust by Alison Blenkinsop

Elaine Hanzak

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Research on perinatal psychiatry services in UK

Via the newsletter of the UK Marce Society I have discovered that there is some new NIHR ( funded research for a programme development grant on perinatal psychiatry services. Perhaps you can help provide some data?

(Lead investigator: Louise Howard, Reader in Women’s Mental Health, Institute of Psychiatry; coinvestigators:Ian Jones, Alain Gregoire, Kathryn Abel, Angelika Wieck, Trudi Seneviratne, Carmine Pariante, Sue Pawlby, Sonia Johnson, Andy Kent, Morven Leese, Sarah Byford, Craig Morgan, Diana Rose).

We are planning some pilot work as part of this programme development grant which we hope will lead to a programme of research investigating the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of psychiatric services for women with severe perinatal psychiatric disorders.

This pilot work will include the following objectives:
1. To identify which NHS Mental Health Trusts do, or do not, have
ready accessibility of Mother and Baby Unit (MBU) beds and
determine which will agree to participate in recruitment of women
admitted to services in the perinatal period (during pregnancy and

2. To carry out a census in a sample of Mental Health Trusts of the
number of women admitted to inpatient psychiatric services (MBU
or general wards) or intensive home treatment in the perinatal
period over the previous 3 months in order to establish potential
recruitment rates

3. To modify existing measures of pathways to admission, service
user characteristics, content of care, and service use for women
and their infants in the perinatal period

4. To pilot measures

5. To pilot data collection of medical record data for women from
general adult psychiatric wards, Mother and Baby Units and home
treatment teams to provide information for a future sample size

6. To explore ethical issues regarding data collection from vulnerable
patients on safeguarding, mother-infant interaction, attachment
and infant outcomes in the proposed research programme

We hope you will all be able to help our researcher in collecting
data for this work. If you would like to know more about the research
then do contact Louise (

Good luck with the research!

Elaine Hanzak

Monday, 11 January 2010

New method can predict 80 percent of cases of postnatal depression

A new method can predict 80 percent of cases of postnatal depression!

A research report from Spain has been published. This study, which is the first of its kind in Spain and has been published recently in the journal Methods of Information in Medicine, gives the best results to date in terms of predicting this illness. "Now it needs clinical evaluation, and for psychiatrists to start to test it directly on patients in order to study the true potential of these tools", says Tortajada.

See the link here for more details

Elaine Hanzak

Friday, 8 January 2010

National Perinatal and Infant Mental Health network

Here is a selection from National Perinatal and Infant Mental Health network information for December.

It is a great way of hearing what is going on in this area - sign up to receive it and contribute if appropriate.
Contact Janet Cobb on or for more information.
See for full list of networks

Janet has agreed for me to reproduce it here - thank you!
02 - FASD
03 - Building Character
Report from Demos investigates how parenting style influences the development of character in
the early years. Using a typology that measures four different parenting styles – tough love,
laissez-faire, authoritarian and disengaged - they found that ‘tough love’ children are more than
twice as likely to display strong character capability in the early years than those with ‘disengaged’
04 - Time trends in parenting and Outcomes for Young people
This briefing from the Nuffield Foundation looks at whether changes in parenting can explain time
trends in young people’s problem behaviour. The study did not find that there was a decline in
parenting over recent decades. There was Evidence that parent’s mental health has declined
more in disadvantaged groups
05 - When Couples Part: Understanding the Consequences for Adults and Children
This international literature review from One Plus One, looks at the consequences of couple
relationship breakdown for adults and children.
06 - Competition

Booktrust are piloting a maternity pack containing books, rhymes and songs and guidance materials to be given out by midwives to vulnerable mothers to be at 24 weeks pregnancy with the aim of engaging with baby whilst in utero.

We have launched a competition to find a name for our new maternity pack, if you would like to suggest a name (the only rule is that the name must contain reference to books) and win £100 worth of books for your clinic please let me know

If you would like further information about the project please do not hesitate to contact me.

Elaine Bielby

Booktrust National Development Manager for Health Partnerships I 01522 804584 07826937473

Booktrust l Book House l 45 East Hill l London l SW18 2QZ l
07 - Getting it Right for Children and Families
This DH guide is for health visitors and their teams, provider managers, commissioners and
educationalists. It sets out the contribution that health visitors and teams can make to health and
wellbeing and public health.
08 - Supporting social care for families and children: An introduction to SCIE’s resources
A new booklet presenting SCIE’s range of resources for families and children’s social care.
09 - IMH Projects

Can people copy me into any replies

Hi All
I'm interested to find out what IMH projects are currently running across the UK, particularly in Wales?

Thank you for any help


Anne Mc Lavy.
10 - Mental Health Support for mothers in Children Centres

Through the National parent and Infant Mental Health Network I heard you were looking for examples of support for mothers with mental health problems offered through Children centres.
I have been providing a project in Stockport at a Children Centre a project called Mums in Art which has been running for 3.45 years. I have attached the annual report for 2008-09, the artist report and the report from a focus group of mothers who had attended Mums in Art under taking by a public health researcher.
If you need any more information please let me know.

Please note from October 1st 2009 my email will be

Rose Tyldesley
Specialist Community Practitioner Mental Health

Community Health Stockport
6th Floor,
Regent House,
Heaton Lane,
Mobile no 07900681385 0161 426 5934
11 - NHS Baby LifeCheck
NHS Baby LifeCheck was launched on Monday 10th August for parents and carers with babies 5-8 months old. It is based on the DH publication ‘Birth to five’ and provides current information and useful advice about what parents can do to help keep their baby healthy, happy and safe. The service has been developed by the DH in consultation with doctors, parents, carers, nurses, midwives and health visitors. The site has generated an excellent response with approximately 65,000 hits in the first two months following launch.
The free online service follows a four step process:
1. Asks questions about development, talking and playing, safety, feeding, teething, sleeping, immunisation and being a parent
2. Provides tailored responses giving advice and support in a non judgemental way and includes top tips and feedback videos throughout
3. Provides the user with a goal setting section
4. Signposts them to further help and information

To visit the site click
12 - Popular Pregnancy Book and Birth to Five updated
Two key DH publications, The Pregnancy Book and Birth to Five have been revised. The books have been a vital source of information for mums-to-be and new parents for over ten years, offering the latest information on issues that matter to them. The books will be given free to all expectant women and new parents by their midwives and health visitors.
Evidence has shown that the books are extremely popular and a trusted authority on all aspects of maternity and early years. By providing in-depth support, useful contact information and advice on rights and benefits, the books are an excellent addition to the support provided by the maternity and health visiting teams.
The books’ content has been updated to reflect new policies, changing social trends and advice and guidance. The design has been modernised to reflect a more contemporary style so they are more accessible. The language and tone has become more positive, encouraging, engaging and useful.

The Pregnancy Book aims:
• To provide a complete guide to pregnancy, ensuring the mother, her partner and baby have support throughout the whole process.
• To explain the different aspects of pregnancy, ensuring optimal health and wellbeing of all involved.

• To help midwives and health visitors explain the pregnancy process and act as an addition to their advice, ensuring they have support in their work.
• There is already an online version of the Pregnancy Book, ‘The Pregnancy Care Planner’ tool was launched in August 2008.
This tool has been updated in line with the revisions and can be accessed by clicking

Birth to Five aims:
• To introduce parents to the Healthy Child Programme for the first years of life, explaining issues like immunisation as part of the universal service provided for all children.
• To provide a guide to the early years of life, ensuring mother, her partner and baby have support throughout this time.
• To explain in an encouraging and engaging manner, the different aspects of the first five years of life, ensuring optimal health and wellbeing of all involved.
• To support mothers and fathers in their new role as parents.
• To reinforce and act as an addition to the advice from midwives and health visitors, ensuring they have support in their profession
• An online version of the Birth to Five book is available by clicking

to view a PDF of the Pregnancy Book and
to view a PDF of Birth to Five on the DH website.
13 - Improving Practice to Protect Children in Wales: An examination of the Role of Serious Case Reviews
CSSIW commissioned a review of the arrangements for conducting serious case reviews in Wales and their effectiveness in improving practice and interagency working. This report presents the findings of the review.
14 - New approach to case reviews
This film introduces a methodology for conducting case reviews and serious case reviews (SCRs), called the systems approach.
15 - Discussion group for bereaved families
FSID's new discussion group for families who have suffered the sudden and unexpected death of a baby.
16 - Birth to Five (2009 edition)

Birth to Five has been revised and will be given free to all parents in England. The book is a trusted authority on all aspects of early years. It provides in-depth support, useful contact information and advice on rights and benefits. The book’s content has been updated to reflect new policies, changing social trends and advice and guidance. The design has been modernised to reflect a more contemporary style.
17 - Healthy Child Programme: Pregnancy and the first five years of life

The Healthy Child Programme for the early life stages focuses on a universal preventative service, providing families with a programme of screening, immunisation, health and development reviews, supplemented by advice on health, well-being and parenting. This document gives guidance on pregnancy and the first five years.
18 - The pregnancy book 2009

The Pregnancy Book has been revised and will be given free to expectant mothers and parents in England. The book is a trusted authority on all aspects of maternity. It provides in-depth support, useful contact information and advice on rights and benefits. The book’s content has been updated to reflect new policies, changing social trends and advice and guidance. The design has been modernised to reflect a more contemporary style.
19 - Online early years self-evaluation form amendments: Changes to the online early years self-evaluation form from October 2009
This document details the main changes made to the online early years self-evaluation form on 29 October 2009, as well as how information previously recorded on the online early years self-evaluation will be brought forward to the revised form.
20 - Early home learning matters: A good practice guide
This guide has been written to support good practice for all those working with parents of very young children, to involve them in early learning, as well as those involved in planning early years services. It is about supporting parents, fathers as well as mothers, to provide the kind of relationships and experiences at home that very young children need in order to flourish – while enjoying family life and time together.
21 - Knowing what you do works: Measuring your own effectiveness with families, parents and children: a short guide
The Family and Parenting Institute have published a short guide for practitioners to measure their effectiveness and the impact of individual pieces of work with families, parents and children.

23 - Parents Guide to Money
Whether you work with families or are starting your own, you will know that staying in control of your finances can be a challenge. On this site you will find lots of information, resources, leaflets and some fun extras for the kids.

24 - Children in immigrant families in eight affluent countries: their family, national and international context
The focus of this report is, especially, children in families with origins in low, lower-middle and upper-middle income countries. The circumstances and future prospects of children in immigrant families are important to the children themselves and their parents, but also to the countries in which the families have settled. When these children become adults, they will constitute substantial portions of the work force that will provide for the retirement of the elderly, the voters who will contribute to the political discourse of their nations and the parents who will rear the next generation from birth to adulthood. The current well-being of children with immigrant parents will have a profound impact on the prospects of these families and the nations in which the children live for years and decades to come. The results presented in this report cover eight highincome countries (HICs): Australia, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland,the United Kingdom and the United States
25 - Serious case review evaluations: April 2007 onwards
The responsibility for the evaluation of serious case reviews transferred to Ofsted from the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) in April 2007. Local Safeguarding Children Boards undertake serious case reviews where a serious incident occurs involving a child and abuse or neglect is known or suspected. The list show the serious case reviews carried out by local authorities that Ofsted reviewed.
26 - Dad Info: New ante-natal programme for dads launches
The Fatherhood Institute is inviting Children’s Centres and other family services to take part in the UK version of a groundbreaking American ante-natal peer support programme for dads-to-be.
27 - CAMPIP Conference
Dear Members - I have added some information for you to download in the News section of the website on a day conference held by CAMPIP on Thinking Together - parental and infant mental health - Keeping Parents and Babies in Mind across Child and Adult Services. Please contact CAMPIP direct for any further information you may require.

Best wishes
28 - Getting it right for children and families
This guide is for health visitors and their teams, provider managers, commissioners and educationalists. It sets out the contribution that health visitors and teams can make to health and wellbeing and public health.
29 - PCT funding allocations for child death reviews
(Gateway reference number: 13079)
The Staying Safe: Action Plan (2008) announced additional funding of £10 million per annum, over the period 2008/09 to 2010/11, to support health professionals participating in the new statutory child death review processes. The department confirms that for 2009/10 and 2010/11, the same amounts as 2008/09 have been included in the general uplift in PCT allocations.


Action: PCT chief executives will wish to discuss this with their commissioners and appropriate safeguarding professionals to ensure they are meeting these costs out of their existing allocations.
31 - New Infant & Toddler resources now available
32 - DH: When mums need help most
New research released today has revealed that, after the understandable flurry in the first eight weeks of motherhood, the period when first-time mums have the most questions about their babies’ development can be pin-pointed to five months and one week after they have given birth.
33 - Healthy Child Programme
Healthy Child Programme: the two year review
The two year review aims to optimize child development and emotional wellbeing, and to
reduce inequalities. It provides practitioners, particularly health visitors, with information
and tools to use with parents.

Healthy Child Programme from 5 to 19 years old
The Healthy Child Programme (HCP) from 5 to 19 year olds sets out the recommended framework
of universal and progressive services for children and young people to promote optimal health and

Healthy Child Programme: pregnancy and the first five years of life
The Healthy Child Programme for the early life stages focuses on a universal preventative service,
providing families with a programme of screening, immunisation, health and development reviews,
supplemented by advice around health, wellbeing and parenting.
34 - URGENT: DCSF call for information about mental health support to parents and infants

We gave provided emotional support to parents for about 8 years. We have both trainee and qualified counsellors and psychotherapist from different disciplines including art therapy. We carefully match the clients with the counsellor/therapist as well as the approach. If have very little links to statutory mental health services and have tried, but are as we are voluntary organisation we are seen as such. If you need any more information do not hesitate to contact me. thanks, Christa

Christa Scholtz - MA psychotherapy
Scheme Manager
Home-Start Westminster
3 Rossmore Road
Tel: 0207 724 1345
Tel/Fax:0207 724 1345
Mob: 07931 539097
35 - Safeguarding Children and Young People e-learning
(Gateway reference number: 12891)
Developed by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health with DH e-Learning for Healthcare, this free e-learning resource helps address the training gaps relating to safeguarding children and young people, recently identified by the Care Quality Commission.

36 - ‘Preparing for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond’ Project
The DH, in partnership with DCSF, is working on renewing antenatal education and preparation for parenthood in England. This follows commitments made in Health Inequalities: progress and next steps and the Child Health Strategy: Healthy Lives, Brighter Futures. The aim is to offer a progressive universal programme for all mothers and fathers-to-be and new parents with a special emphasis on benefiting the most disadvantaged children and families. The programme will take forward government policies on inequalities, infant mortality, relationships, and Think Family. Given the financial challenges facing public services this project will incorporate the quality, innovation, productivity and prevention framework (QIPP), take a robust approach to evidence and focus on making the most of the expansion of wider children’s services, new media, building family and community self-sufficiency

Work to date
During the foundation phase we have:
• Completed a literature review of evidence by Warwick University
• Surveyed the views of a wide cross-section of service-users, with a focus on disadvantaged families who traditionally do not use these services
• Developed the theoretical underpinning for the programme
• Learnt about existing practice in the NHS and Third Sector
• Established the Expert Reference Group (chaired by Naomi Eisenstadt)

Learning from the foundation stage
The Expert Reference Group distilled the above findings and identified some of the approaches that need to underpin a new programme. These include:
• A focus on promoting the optimum environment and experience for the baby and in particular their neurological development
• Seeing this period as a significant psycho-social and biological life transition, a time for personal growth, relationship change and for acquiring skills for life – greater support for mental health
• To combine antenatal and post-natal learning and recognise that each trimester of pregnancy is different
• Whilst there are common experiences there are also big differences between individuals and groups that any programme needs to be able to respond to
• Fathers also vary and have particular needs and expectations
• Using the Family Nurse Partnership approach e.g. guiding style, strength based, future orientated, relationship based, covering wide ranging domains
• Focus on relationships (baby/mother, baby/father, mother/father, wider family, practitioner/mother, practitioner/father etc)
• Understanding the complexity of making choices and changes, creating space and helping people to explore the tensions, hopes and meaning of becoming a parent and giving birth for them
• Changing the role of public services and support developments taking place outside the system
• Recognising and addressing the significance of the act of birth
• Investment in evidence-based intensive programmes, such as FNP, for the 2-5% of families where the outcomes are likely to be very poor
• Better matching of what is offered to individuals - based on anticipated outcomes and needs (PREview project)

Next Steps
We are now working with our experts and stakeholders on the model of learning and domains to be covered. We will go on to describe the universal and progressive elements within a financially constrained public sector, before deciding on the project outputs. We are also developing and testing a group care model using FNP in Nottingham and Stoke-on-Trent.

For further information:
Caroline Simpson, Project Lead at Telephone: 07879 434840
37 - New Picture Bank from CHANGE!

In 2007 CHANGE has published “You and Your Little Child 1-5”, the ultimate accessible resource for parents of small children. This beautifully crafted and fully illustrated book has been a hit with hundreds of parents all across the country and even internationally.

Now, CHANGE is proud to present the “You and Your Little Child 1 -5” Picture Bank. This Picture Bank CD ROM is loaded with over a thousand images from the pages of the book. And because this invaluable resource is from CHANGE, it couldn’t be easier to use. Simply drag and drop or copy and paste images into your documents to produce great looking easy read materials.

The “You and Your Little Child 1 – 5” Picture Bank covers everything from bedtimes routines, parenting skills and spending quality time, to healthy eating and keeping your child safe. If you work with parents with learning disabilities, parents who find reading hard or simply want to communicate in a manner accessible to everyone, you cannot afford to miss out on the “You and Your Little Child 1 – 5” Picture Bank.

Order your copy from CHANGE now at!

39 - Questionnaire
Dear All
I am writing to you at the suggestion of Cathy Freese, the National Perinatal Mental Health Project Lead
I have been commissioned by the National Mental Health Development Unit (NMHDU) to produce a report on the current state of perinatal mental health provision in the country – with a particular focus on provision for Black and minority ethnic (BME) women.

I would be most grateful if you could let me know what is happening in your area. To assist you, we have devised a questionnaire with the support of others with expertise in this area – a copy is attached. I would be most grateful if you would complete it and return asap.

If you do not feel that you are the most appropriate person to do this, I would be grateful if you would pass the message on to the person(s) who you think would be better positioned to provide valid, up to date information about perinatal mental healthcare in your area. Please accept my apologies if you receive multiple copies!

I would be happy to discuss this further with you if you think a conversation would help to clarify any matters

As the NMHDU are keen to have this information as quickly as possible, I should be most grateful if you would respond at your earliest convenience
I look forward to hearing from you in due course
Best regards

Dr Dawn Edge
Research Fellow
Room 5.333, University Place
Faculty of Medical & Human Sciences
University of Manchester
Oxford Road
M13 9PL

Tel: +44 (0)161 306 7650
40 - Access to Teenage Workshop, Paper

Dear Members

Professor Joan Raphael-Leff has kindly sent us her paper based on her presentation in June from our
Workshop: 'Adolescence as a Second Chance - Working with Teenage Parents and Their Babies' You will find this to save and download on the Publications page of our website (use address

Best wishes
41 - Young parents get helping hand

It is well known that teenage pregnancy and health inequalities are closely linked. With Britain having one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Western Europe, the issue is a major contributing factor to health gaps seen up and down the country....

I hope you have found this useful!

Elaine Hanzak

Training modules, including Perinatal and Infant mental health

I was involved at a meeting last year to create some training modules. They are now done!

A set of free, online, training modules including a new module on Perinatal and Infant Mental Health have just been launched and can be found via the following link

People wanting to view these materials will have to register on this page before moving to open a specific training programme on one of its links. This training should be of interest to all professionals working with mothers and babies, and those who are contributing to their training. It was funded by the National CAMHS support service, and produced by Jane Sedgwick, with the help of a national expert reference group, to whom we are very grateful.

David Goodban
CAMHS Regional Development Worker
South West Development Centre

Go and have a look!

Elaine Hanzak

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Save our Health Visitors please!

I have received this via my networks - please read and offer your support! Health visitors can play a vital role in reducing the effects of postnatal illness.

Dear Colleague
Unite/CPHVA and many experts are convinced that taking health visitors out of statute in 2001 has had a significant effect in reducing investment in the profession. If the
Health Visiting profession is to rebuild its workforce - in line with calls from Cabinet Minister Andy Burnham and Ed Balls, Lord Laming and others - Unite/CPHVA believe
a fundamental step must be to return the profession to statute.
Unite/CPHVA branches can help us safeguard the future of the health visiting profession - just reply to this email saying giving us your comments about why you support
our campaign to return health visiting to statute.
At the recent Unite/CPHVA conference in Southport there was unanimous support from delegates for returning health visiting as a profession to statute - because of that if
a branch has not replied with their comment by Friday 8th January 2009 we will assume your Unite/CPHVA branch supports this campaign.
This is a campaign we can win - Ministers have said they are open to further discussion on this issue. You can sign our statement by clicking here, Get your friends and colleagues to join our campaign by emailing them this link

Many thanks,
Karen Reay, National Officer, Health sector
Health Sector
Unite the Union
Unite House
128 Theobald's Road
London WC1X 8TN
T: 020 3371 2009
F: 0870 7315043

Get signed up please!!

Elaine Hanzak

Service User Involvement and Empowerment in Mental Health

Here are the details of the first event I have been asked to Chair!

Part of the Mental Health 2010 Conference Series

Service User Involvement and Empowerment in Mental Health

Tuesday 09 February 2010
76 Portland Place, London

“It’s about people who happen to use mental health services being treated as people.” New Horizons: Towards A Shared Vision For Mental Health Consultation, DoH; July 2009

Chaired by Elaine Hanzak Expert by Experience, Speaker and Author ‘Eyes without Sparkle – a journey through postnatal illness’, the conference is a unique learning opportunity and provides an important update on how the act of involvement and engagement can empower service users and improve the quality of service delivery and care in mental health.

"Service users and their quality of life must be at the core of service design and delivery. Their views plus the views of carers, the public and staff must shape care pathway outcome measures and performance frameworks must increasingly focus on these outcome measures." New Horizons: Towards A Shared Vision For Mental Health Consultation, DoH; July 2009

You will have the opportunity to hear from a broad range of speakers including carers and service-user representatives about what Involvement and Empowerment means in practice with case study examples of effective service delivery techniques and personalisation models – a key requirement for effective user-led services.

Two interactive workshops provide the chance for you to participate in active discussions with fellow delegates, carers and healthcare professionals. Closing with looking beyond involvement: promoting human rights and involving service users to reduce social exclusion the conference will be a unique learning opportunity and provides an important update on how the act of Involvement and Engagement can empower Service Users and improve the quality of service delivery and care in mental health.

Topics include

• Service User Involvement and Empowerment in Mental Health: an update
• Learning from experience
• Delivering services around the needs and wants of service users: embedding Service User Involvement in Mental Health commissioning and whole service redesign
• Empowering users in setting recovery goals and assessing progress outcomes with the Recovery Star
• Increasing diversity in Service User Involvement
• Learning and development for service users
• Service User Involvement for personalisation in Mental Health
• Beyond involvement: promoting human rights
• Ensuring a holistic approach: reducing stigma and social exclusion
PLUS focused workshops

• Delivering user led services
• Enabling people to fulfil their aspirations and improve outcomes
Chair and keynote speakers

• Elaine A Hanzak Expert by Experience, Speaker and Author of ‘Eyes without Sparkle – a journey through postnatal illness’
• Tina Coldham Chair The National Survivor User Network (NSUN)
• Lindy Irving Personal Development Coach The Moreland Clinic

Related Links...

• National Survivor User Network (NSUN)
• New Horizons (DoH)
• ADASS (Association of Directors for Adult Social Care)
• Information sharing and mental health (DoH)
• Service User Involvement audit tool – Mental Health Foundation

An IHM and ADASS recognised conference, suitable for your CPD programme

Download a full conference programme and brochure, or book a place here

For more information about this, or any other Healthcare Events conference, please contact Hanisha on 020 8541 1399, or email

For information about exhibition or sponsorship opportunities at this event please contact Gemma by emailing

Hope to see you there!

Elaine Hanzak

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New Horizons and Perinatal Mental Health

Here is the link to the press release for New Horizons, the Mental Health Strategy for the next 10 years.
Download New Horizons here:

I am delighted to see that Action 38 reads:-

Guidance from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)15 has outlined evidence-based approaches for treating postnatal depression. These include health visitors trained to deliver brief psychological therapies with the support of GPs, and specialist perinatal mental health services for women with more severe mental illness. The Department of Health will continue to promote the NICE guidance together with partners such as the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

I would like to continue to help with this!

See also:
- Working our way to better mental health: a framework for action:
- ‘Work, Recovery and Inclusion: Better employment support for people with a mental health condition’
- ‘Realising ambitions: Better employment support for people with a mental health condition’ (DWP)

Elaine Hanzak

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Like to know more about Keeping Women Safe?

HCP events are running a study day on this topic. I have been involved in their study days in the past and highly recommend them.

Read about them here

This study day is to inform and encourage midwives with a broad range of subjects involving safety, time to network with colleagues, held in a conference centre with superb facilities.

Lisa Cosgrove – A story from Pakistan
Professor Shirley Jones – Medico-legal aspects
Barbara Kuypers – West Midlands LSA
Zelda Wilson – Lessons from industry

DATE: Thursday 18th March 2010 - 9.30 to 16.00
VENUE: SIMTR Conference Centre, Solihull, B91 2PP
COST: £25 - including lunch

These study days are always oversubscribed so BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment!

(please print clearly)


Elaine Hanzak

Monday, 4 January 2010

Beat the Blues in Stockport

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of presenting to Mums and Dads at a support group in Stockport.

They are going from strength to strength and their new website is here:

There is an article describing how it was formed and run at

Good luck with the continuing success!

Elaine Hanzak

Beat the Blues at Stockport

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of presenting my story and experiences to the Mums and Dads at a support group in Stockport, Cheshire.

They are going from strength to strength and their new website is:

An article about the group is at

I wish the group continued success.

Elaine Hanzak