Thursday, 27 August 2009

Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Mental Health newsletter

You may be interested in the latest newsletter from the Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Mental Health based at Birmingham University.

We all know that working together leads to more effective results and this is one group that advocates it.

Elaine Hanzak

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Chronic shortage of Health Visitors and Maternity beds

I would like to add my support to the need for more health visitors, as outlined in a report in The Guardian

A chronic shortage of NHS health visitors has resulted in newborn babies not being seen at home until they are almost four months old, according to the association that represents the profession.

Local managers have resigned in protest over patient safety in one London borough, while pleas for a recruitment drive have failed to deliver results, according to Norma Dudley, chair of the Community Practitioners' and Health Visitors' Association (CPHVA) in the capital.

There is much evidence out there, e.g. from research from Sheffield and Canada, to show how visits by health visitors can reduce the symptoms of postnatal depression.
We know that this illness can have long-term effects on all the family, not just the mother - so surely putting resources in to minimise the long term effects of postnatal illness makes both emotional and financial sense?

Likewise today there is the headline in The Daily Mail about the lack of maternity beds and shortage of midwives.

Thousands of women are having to give birth outside maternity wards because of a lack of midwives and hospital beds.

The lives of mothers and babies are being put at risk as births in locations ranging from lifts to toilets - even a caravan - went up 15 per cent last year to almost 4,000.

Health chiefs admit a lack of maternity beds is partly to blame for the crisis, with hundreds of women in labour being turned away from hospitals because they are full.

Again I plead for more and better maternity services. The trauma of birth again can result in mental health problems for some mothers. They need both physical and mental health needs attending to, and not just in and out on a conveyor belt system. Many of the midwives I have spoken to are dedicated staff but at the end of their tether for the crazy work loads they face. If we do not get more staff and facilities in place not only will quality of life suffer for many but lives will be lost.

I have just spent almost a week in hospital myself at York with gynaecological problems. I have to say that the care and attention I received was second to none. The staff were attentive to my every need - surely those giving birth should be entitled to the same levels of care?

Elaine Hanzak

Monday, 17 August 2009

Support for those grieving for a loved one

I am currently doing a bit of research for my forthcoming event for The Samaritans.
The conference theme is on self-harm and those left behind after suicide.

I have come across a site which has links to many resources and is a good source of information too.

has links across many aspects of grief including miscarriage and even the death of a pet.

The pain felt by a girl whose father committed suicide is powerfully shown in this video she has made. Powerful stuff.

My full support and admiration for The Samaritans will never fade.

Elaine Hanzak

Friday, 14 August 2009

Want to know more about education and training issues in mental health services?

Want to know more about education and training issues in mental health services?

OLM-Pavilion write
If so, join us at this exciting and highly prominent annual conference The past, the present, the future presented in partnership with the Mental Health Training Forum and Middlesex University on Wednesday 9 September 2009 and Thursday 10th at Hendon Campus, Middlesex University. Please click for more information

Following from the previous eight annual conferences, the conference will examine the role of education and training as an essential bridge between research, policy and practice. There will be a critical reflection on the education and training outcomes of modern mental health modernisation agenda including successes and setback as well as taking stock of where we find ourselves today. There will be a number of presentations and interactive
seminars delivered by high level practitioners and commentators including: Andrew McCulloch Mental Health Foundation, Ian Baguley University of Lincoln, Ian Dawson EMILIA programme, Thurstine Basset Mental health training forum, Middlesex Uni. Join us for the exchange of exciting new ideas and privileged access to current thinking from leading academics and policy makers in the field. You will leave with fresh ideas about how to address some of the challenges for education and training.
Our past conferences have been fully booked so book your places quick!
As an educator in mental health - you or your colleagues may be interested in attending this conference - I am happy to offer you a delegate rate of £150+ vat for the two days. To qualify quote GCPAST50. Please complete the booking form and either fax it back to us on 0844 880 5062, post it to the address below or register online at or email
This offer is only valid from todays date and new bookings and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

Many thanks
Gemma Cannon
Marketing Executive - Conferences
Richmond House
Richmond Road
T: 01273 666706 F: 0844 880 5062

Elaine Hanzak

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Healthcare Risk and Patient Safety FORUM - 7 October 2009

Two years ago I had the pleasure of presenting at the Capita Consulting Healthcare Risk and Patient Safety Forum.

Today's Health and Social Care managers face significant challenges in providing safe, high quality services. Capita Consulting provides ongoing professional Patient Safety, Risk Management and Governance support for Health and Social Care organisations, including:

* Specialist and generic risk assessments
* Clinical service reviews
* Managing risk during change and transition
* Developing systems for governance and board assurance
* Patient safety advice and support
* Help with standards compliance
* Support for risk and governance managers
* Facilitation of incident, complaints and case reviews
* Specialist training and development.

A wide range of healthcare providers and commissioners from across the UK and the Republic of Ireland belong to this network, The Healthcare Risk and Patient Safety FORUM. This provides discounted educational, professional support and networking opportunities for its members.

The next FORUM meeting will take place on Wednesday 7 October 2009 at the Danubius Regents Park Hotel in St John’s Wood, London.

For full details click here

Elaine Hanzak

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Working with Inequality and Families at Risk conference

The Society for Reproductive and Infant Psychology (SRIP) is an international organisation that recognises that reproduction is a complex, challenging and multifaceted area of social, scientific and medical concern.

Their purpose is to promote the scientific study, both pure and applied, of all psychological and behavioural matters related to human reproduction.

You may be interested in their forthcoming event ..


9-10th SEPTEMBER 2009

Venue: Copthorne Hotel, The Quayside,
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

SRIP provides a unique forum for the integration of issues in reproduction by individuals working in psychology, healthcare, midwifery, nursing, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, psychiatry, social work, sociology, anthropology, and epidemiology.

The theme for our 2009 Conference is “Working with Inequality and Families at Risk”.

For further information, or to request a draft of the Conference programme or a booking form, contact Gillian Weir at

Details can also be found on the Society’s website:

*** There will be a £10 late booking fee for bookings received after 31st July 2009 ***

Elaine Hanzak

Friday, 7 August 2009

Watch, Wait and Wonder training.

When I spoke at the Marce Society conference last September in Sydney, one of the most memorable sessions I attended was on 'Watch, Wait and Wonder'.

Watch, Wait, and Wonder is an infant/child-led form of psychotherapy that aims to intervene in the mother-infant relationship in a way that fosters the development of a secure relational connection between mother and infant/child.

Incite training are running two two-day introductory workshops on it this October in Bath and London.

For details go to

Although these are almost full Incite tell me they are already planning more for next year.

Elaine Hanzak

Think child, think parent, think family: a guide to parental mental health and child welfare

As my regular readers will be aware I am very supportive of any help and advice for the whole family when it comes to a mental health issue.

SCIE have brought out a guide Think child, think parent, think family: a guide to parental mental health and child welfare, which may be of great use to professionals.,1K57,UW1LT,4RQ6,1

This guide is about working with parents who have mental health problems and their children. It provides guidance on policy and practice and makes recommendations for key areas of professional education, workforce development and research. It also provides links to useful resources and contact details of relevant organisations.

Elaine Hanzak

The Madness and Literature Network - book reviews wanted!

I have received this message via Mental Health in Higher Education.

The Madness and Literature Network is collecting literature relating to madness and mental health. This is a very useful new resource for teaching:

You can join the network here:

They are keen to develop the fiction and autobiography database, which can be viewed under 'Submitted Literature'. As such, they invite reviews from all members, on texts that they have read and found interesting that focus substantially on madness or mental health issues. These can be fictions or autobiographies from any literary period, and with any mental health theme. Furthermore, people are invited to review texts that are already part of the database – they are keen to open up space for discussion about all texts.

Reviews will be peer reviewed on a thrice-weekly basis and then added to the database. All work will be fully credited to the reviewer themselves and can be listed on CV's etc.

Submitting a review is very easy. You need to join the network first and log on to the site. Click on the 'Add Literature' link that appears when you are logged on and a simple form will appear. Select anything from 1-5 key themes (or add your own theme), fill in the title and publishing details, and write a review of between 100 and 500 words. There is also space on the form for any salient or striking quotes from the books.

Contact Charley Baker with any queries:, Tel 01332 347141

Would anyone be interested in reviewing my book for it? Eyes without Sparkle - a journey through postnatal illness'?

Many thanks,


Thursday, 6 August 2009

Forthcoming Events and Training at the Tavistock Clinic

There may be events here of interest which I have received via their mailing list and reproduce here with their permission!

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust is the UK's leading multi-professional mental health training organisation.

Its approach is based on a model for clinical work, teaching and learning which underlines the importance of establishing and understanding relationships in effective work, employs a developmental model of understanding the human mind and human behaviour and underlines the effectiveness of the psychological therapies.
The Tavistock and Portman Clinics run a range of conferences and a wide variety of continuing professional development courses every year. Details are on our website along with our postgraduate validated 1, 2, 3 and 4 year programmes, including our professional trainings in the psychotherapies.

Forthcoming Conferences
We are in the process of finalising our conference programme for the coming year. Details will be made available here

27 - 29 August 2009
5th International Conference for Teachers of Infant Observation
Infant Observation in a Globalised World

CPD Programme 2009 - 2010

7 - 11 September 2009
Working in Organisations: Tavistock Clinic Residential Group Relations Conference
14 - 17 September 2009
Psychodynamic Approaches to Working with Children, Adolescents and Their Families
18 September 2009
Leadership and Narcissism, On the Field and Off
25 September 2009
Understanding Couples: A workshop for counsellors, psychotherapists and professionals working with couples and parents
September 2009
Working with Families with Physical Illness: A Systemic Approach
September - October 2009
Projective Techniques Workshop Series for Applied Psychologists: Level 1 Training in the Rorschach Comrehensive System
September - December 2009
Understanding the Emotional Needs of Care Leavers
September - December 2009
Developing a Diverse Child and Adolescent Workforce: Thinking about children, young people and families in a multi-cultural context
September 2009 - March 2010
Systems and Psychodynamics of Work and Organisations (Leeds)
September 2009 - April 2010
Managing in Multidisciplinary and Multi-agency Environments: A Systemic Perspective
September 2009 - June 2010
Cross-cultural Psychotherapeutic Thinking for Psychotherapists and Mental Health Professionals Working with Adults, Families and Children
1 October and 10 November 2010
Freud Reconsidered: Reading seminars for child and adolescent psychotherapists
October 2009 - March 2010
Consultation and the Organisation: Working in Turbulent Times (Liverpool)
October 2009 - June 2010
Developing Management and Leadership Practice: Learning Groups for Black Managers and Leaders
October 2009 - June 2010
Systemic Work: Moving on with Theory and Practice
October 2009 - July 2010
Introducing Psychoanalytic Ideas on Sexual Perversions, Delinquency and Violence
October 2009 - July 2010
Contemporary Issues in Fostering and Adoption
October 2009 - July 2010
Systemic Live Supervision
October 2009 - July 2010
Professional Certificate in Supervision Skills for Clinical Teachers
October 2009 - July 2010
Supervision Workshop for Clinical Teachers
January - March 2010
Engaging BME and Refugee Communities: Achieving effective cross-cultural liaison and collaboration
January - March 2010
Working with Black and Minority Ethnic Children and Adolescents with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties
January - April 2010
On Becoming a Qualified Psychologist
January - May 2010
Enactment: From Concrete to Symbolic Thinking in Forensic and Psychotic Patients
January - June 2010
Understanding the Mental Health Needs of School Children: A Workshop for Education Professionals

For a full list of all of the CPD Programmes run by the Trust, please visit

Further Information
Vicky Harrison
Events Organiser
020 8938 2548