Wednesday, 2 June 2010

My trip to Exposanita in Bolgona - Italians suffer postnatal depression too

A couple of years ago I visited Milan as part of an exciting European trip with business group. I was also part of the UKTI Passport to Export scheme which helps UK business to trade abroad.

Whilst I was there made contact with the people in the UKTI office and British Consulate. It was through this meeting that I ultimately spoke at The European Parliament.

The team then invited me to attend Exposanit√†  last week - Italy’s unique exhibition and Europe’s second largest event dedicated to health care and assistance. Established 27 years ago, it is viewed as a must-attend appointment and provides a platform for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to meet the medical community of the Mediterranean area.

Prior to my visit they had sent some publicity around about me and as a result my story is to appear in two main Italian magazines - Noi Donne and Donna e Mamma. I had a translated interview and a three hour photo shoot around the hotel and centre of Bologna!

I met several interesting people at the exhibition, including:-

Laurence Bristow-Smith, HM Consul General and Director General for Trade & Investment
Roberto Mirabile, Presidente of La
Giovanni Romeo, President of the European Genetics Foundation
Richard Bloss, Director Profo

In addition it was good to meet many impressive UKTI staff from Italy and the UK. Their skill, knowledge and contacts are worth being part of! I loved the city of Bologna and was sorry my visit was so short but keen to return all being well. We are looking into an Italian edition of 'Eyes without Sparkle'.

Thank you to the British Consulate/UKTI team in Milan, Bologna and Naples for making me so welcome. I hope it can be 'arrivederci'!

Elaine Hanzak

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