Monday, 13 December 2010

Feeling stressed? Look at International Stress Management Association

I am grateful to my special friend Dinah for telling me about this site - International Stress Management Association

ISMA  promote sound knowledge and best practice in the prevention and reduction of human stress, ISMAUK is the leading professional body representing a multi-disciplinary professional health and well-being membership in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. has some useful information, downloads and links.

I must say that I do believe that some 'stress' is actually beneficial. I often get what some may describe as 'stressed' before I speak to audiences - my tummy may be fluttering, I can feel my heart racing, etc. but I now understand that it is my body getting ready to be able to maximise my performance! I heard this recently about an American baseball player who throughout his excellent career used to be violently sick before each game. Just before his retirement this didn't happen and his performance was dreadful. He had become blase. He recognised that the sickness actually improved his game and to embrace it - the last few games he was sick again and played amazingly!

I am not suggesting that we should be violently sick in order to achieve but what I am saying is that recognise that sometimes 'stress' can be a positive force and not always negative. It is how we use it that is important.

My regular followers may have noticed my posts have 'gone quiet' these last few weeks. I am actually being a 'carer' for once! My partner Clive had a knee replacement operation 3 weeks ago and I have been looking after him and enjoying every minute!  I am currently driving him around so he can speak to his audiences. .

Elaine Hanzak

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