Friday, 30 September 2011

'It's hard seeing my little girl grow up without her Mum'

Regular readers know all about my link with the Joanne (Joe) Bingley Memorial Foundation. You will know that just over a year ago I was contacted by a friend of Joe's, Dinah, who asked if I could help improve services in the Huddersfield area. Joe had taken her own life a few weeks after having baby Emily. I met Chris, Joe's widower, and now in just over 12 months the charity is making national headlines.

This week Chris told his story in the Express. Read the article here.

When I first met Chris, although of course I was empathetic and sympathetic, it wasn't until I lost Clive that the true understanding of the pain of death hit me - big time. Yet in contrast I count myself lucky - no matter what anyone had done the day Clive's heart stopped it was 'his time'. There is no-one to blame. No remorse. Just loss of an incredible man, who continues to inspire. I don't have the delights of our baby growing up and him not being here.

This is yet another reason why fighting against the stigma, ignorance and lack of services of postnatal illness continues to be my purpose in life. Seeing the joy that my niece (born 4 days before Emily) has brought for her Mum and the rest of the family contrasts sharply with the hole left by Joe.

As a society we need to work together to ease the pain, suffering and ultimate loss of lives through this illness.

Please visit the Joanne (Joe) Bingley Memorial Foundation website to sign up for our newsletter and pass the link to anyone you know who is involved with young families.

Elaine x

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