Tuesday, 11 October 2011

My new movies!

Last Monday, 3rd October,  Ann Girling and I met up with my friends Sue and James from the Hampshire Hypnotherapy centre in London. I had suggested that they may be interested in joining us as experts at Greatvine.
It was the hottest Monday in October in London on record! It was great to catch up with the dynamic team at Greatvine and after our meeting we all took an iced drink and sat on the grass at Lincoln's Inn Fields! It seemed barmy to be so balmy!
As I was enroute to London I had been called by BBC Radio London and spoke on their Drivetime programme about my story of postnatal illness. A new report had appeared in the daily newspapers by 4children stating that 35,000 mothers suffer in silence with PND and the media were responding! Hooray! I spoke at length to Eddie Nestor and was able to mention the Joanne (Joe) Bingley Memorial Foundation and Greatvine for means of support and information for those affected.

I have just got my new videos as part of my Greatvine profile - here is my introductory one.

And here is the second one on tips

I would be delighted if you would leave a comment on YouTube for them!

Meanwhile my friend Grace Sharrock was in demand by This Morning. Grace also suffered puerperal psychosis but went on to have her gorgeous twins last year. A model of hope!
She was a natural being interviewed. I felt very proud of her. Her book 'Saving Grace' is fab.

Meanwhile Ann and I returned to Bracknell to deliver our workshops on postnatal illness to professionals and mothers linked to Children's Centres there. We had been last year and it was awesome to hear of the positive changes and improvements that we had inspired last year! They already want us to return next year. It is brilliant that the diary is filling up! It is great to know that just spending a few hours with key people in educating about postnatal illness what an impact it can have. We both felt very humbled and privileged to have empowered people to make such a positive difference on others.

I just hope the current media interest remains as it will help many who currently are suffering in silence to know they are not alone.

Have an amazing day!

Elaine x


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