Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Going back to the future

This will be my final blog on this site because in future all my posts will be directly on my new website - still at . This one shall remain although all previous posts here will also be transferred over to the new site. I am also in the process of creating a category index for them so we will all be able to find relevant information easier.

As I am launching my new logo, website, stationery, etc. I have decided to revert back to my surname of Hanzak, without the addition of Gott. Regular readers will be aware of my rapid decision to do that following Clive's sudden death last year. There are several other reasons for my choice to revert including the approval by both families. It felt the right thing to do at the time last year and likewise I feel that it is also appropriate to change back now. It will also make leaving messages, repeating my name on phone calls and even ordering a take-away much easier! Not to mention any poor soul who asked the question 'That's an unusual surname - where is it from?' I bet they regretted asking!

Once again I start the administration process of changes! It amazes me how such a relatively simple process can then take hours, not to mention different procedures for places I am registered with. Some are a simple click on the computer, others require a photocopy of the change of deed, others want the original. I feel this last year I have learnt my way through bureaucracy well in dealing with aspects of a death, moving home and name change. It was one of the points I made whilst speaking for the Customer Service Training Network (CSTN) in Leeds last week, at the impressive Weetwood Hall. I suggested that if companies can make it easier for their customers during births, deaths, trouble and joys then they would build loyalty and efficiency the rest of the time. If you have a company what procedures do you have in place for someone during these periods?

I was thrilled to speak for CSTN again. The founder, Don Hales, heard me speak at a Professional Speaking Association event many years ago, even before I met Clive. So when his death last year left a gap in the programme at a meeting in Cardiff, Don gave me the opportunity to fill it. Back then my grief was still very raw and my presentation was extremely emotive for us all. To be invited back again purely on my own merit was fantastic! In the interim Don has also suffered from a heart attack yet following surgery he is recovering, thank goodness.

The last few weeks I haven't been blogging because I have used as much time as possible to put my new website together and I also wanted to prepare a new keynote for CSTN. I still used my story on the troubles and joys of my life then gave a greater emphasis on how my 'Hanzak' principles applied to aspects of improving customer experiences:-

Hope - we all want to be served and hope for the satisfactory outcome or even more.

Attitude - we want to be served by someone who is upbeat and positive, as opposed to a 'mood hoover'.

Nurture - we want to feel special, welcome and important.

Zest - we want to be delighted and have our senses tantalised.

Altogether - we want to be dealt with by effectively run teams.

Kindness - ultimately, no matter where we are in life, ultimately this is what we seek.

I illustrated each one with examples of how I have experienced these at different stages in my life. I didn't use a music track and didn't make anyone cry! I felt I was less emotional yet my messages more effective as a result. I was thrilled by the positive comments made by attendees, especially those who had heard me in Cardiff. One lady said it was wonderful to witness how I have evolved and grown. When I look back on the last couple of years I can see that in myself too.

Others speakers were Liz Cable from Reach Further who gave some great techniques on Social Media; John Hotowka who combined his humour, magic tricks and messages on making progress; Dave Bradley with his presentation 'New tent, same circus' about making changes and the dynamic Helen Hamilton who summed up the day with the research around customer experience and brought the rest of into it as examples.

Going back to my own name has been another step along the way in recovering from the loss of Clive. He has left a legacy behind that will mean the lessons he shared about life will continue after his death. From that I know he would feel that his purpose was achieved and, in his words, 'he left the world a better place for having visited'.

As I leave the familar layout and process of this blog procedure it almost feels like a goodbye to a friend. It started as a reporting idea for my talks and knowledge around postnatal depression but then last year grew into a 'story' that has been read worldwide. For a time my blog became addictive - I used it as a place to share my deepest feelings and emotions. Writing was a big part of my healing and a reaction to my loss. In doing so I know I helped others, which was why I continued. I am also aware now that at times, unknowingly and unintentionally, I may have upset others. For that I am truly sorry. From that I hope I have also learnt and will continue to be more sensitive.

My biggest emotion is one of gratitude. Thank you to those of you have supported me in any way. Simply by reading my blog and giving me a few minutes out of your precious day feels like a gift to me. For those of you have taken the time to check on me either publically and privately, I appreciate every comment. For all the practical and emotional support given by colleagues, friends, family and even those whom I have never actually met - thank you.

I am being asked at the moment for how I need help now. If you feel that you have appreciated any of my messages - either spoken or written - then please share my new website with your networks. From the strong foundation I now feel I am on, I would appreciate more platforms and opportunities to speak.

So I relaunch my new website with the knowledge, experiences, troubles and joys of my life so far with the delight and hope for what our future days, months and years will bring.

I invite you to keep joining me there ......


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Sue Peckham said...

Good luck with all you do in the future your new ebsite looks fab!
Sue Peckham