Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Talking to student midwives at Nottingham.

Today I spoke to a group of student midwives at Queens Medical Centre at Nottingham. It is a huge hospital! I do like speaking to students as they are so keen to listen and to learn.

I also had a look around the Mother and Baby Unit.

It has been a productive day and ended with a lovely comment from a student ..

'I am a student midwife you gave a talk to on the 17/12/08 at QMC. I would like to thank you for a brilliant lecture. I can say you definitely inspired me to improve upon my practice. I am soon to have a placement on a mother and baby unit and hope to take your advice with me. I definitely think that your lecture should be taught to all midwifery students as I found it highly beneficial to my career.
Thank you again.'

A good day!


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