Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Communication with Babies

Often suffering from postnatal illness severely affects the mother/baby bond. There is a wealth of research to back this fact, e.g.

I also know as a former teacher for children with severe and profound learning difficulties how vital communication skills are. In the same way now speaking to hundreds of professionals!

I have come across a couple of sites which have great information to help those all important communication skills.
The Bookstart programme is funded and supported by government and by children's book publishers. Run by the Charity Booktrust, Bookstart gives free books to every child in order to help them develop a lifelong love of books.
When parents and children spend time each day sharing books they are helping to build a strong and loving relationship with each other .
Children with a familiarity and confidence with books have better communication and listening skills and enjoy stories, songs and rhymes. A love of books helps children to have a far better start at school and goes on to benefit them throughout life. We all share these aims for every child and parent.

Talk To Your Baby is a campaign run by the National Literacy Trust to encourage parents and carers to talk more to children from birth to three. Talking to young children helps them become good communicators, which is essential if they are to do well at school and lead happy, fulfilled and successful lives.

Let's get communicating!


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