Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Speaking on home ground!

Today I had the honour of speaking to health professionals on my home patch in Cheshire. I had been invited to speak as part of a 3 day training course on perinatal mental health put on by Thelma Osborn.
I first met Thelma several years ago when my publishers suggested we added a 'professional' chapter in my book. Thelma was that lady!

I also discovered some interesting work which was published in Community Practioner journals by Thelma and colleagues.

Linda Mason and Helen Poole – Healthcare Professionals’ of views of screening for postnatal depression. Community Practitioner 2008 81(4) 30 – 33
This looks at the use of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale from the health professional perspective.

Linda Mason and Helen Poole and Thelma Osborn – Women’s views of being screened for postnatal depression. Community Practitioner 2006 79, 11 363-367
This looks at the use of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale.

These articles can be accessed in full online by Unite/CPHVA members and journal subscribers, or by purchasing the individual articles.

Their abstracts are can be accessed freely by non-members and non-subscribers at:

The Old Police Station in Runcorn was a good venue


and is 'home' to many organisations such as

Halton Carers

and also Halton Speakout where some of my former pupils work.

No traffic jams to face today!



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