Monday, 13 July 2009

The Smiling Mask

When I do my presentations I often speak about the 'mask' that mothers tend to put on if they are suffering from postnatal illness. Look at my entry for 24th June for a full explanation.

So I was fascinated to come across a website and book called The Smiling Mask.

The purpose of The Smiling Mask is to create awareness, understanding, and acceptance of post partum difficulties. To bring peace and validation to mothers by engaging and empowering families, and communities in the life changing and natural experience of parenthood.

It consists of the true stories of three Canadian women plus perspectives of their husbands.

Their website and blog is very interesting and useful.
Have a look at their tips on recovery

Also those at

Great to make contact with three inspirational ladies and their families who are making a difference in Canada.

Let me know if you have read the book - I shall be getting a copy!


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