Friday, 7 August 2009

The Madness and Literature Network - book reviews wanted!

I have received this message via Mental Health in Higher Education.

The Madness and Literature Network is collecting literature relating to madness and mental health. This is a very useful new resource for teaching:

You can join the network here:

They are keen to develop the fiction and autobiography database, which can be viewed under 'Submitted Literature'. As such, they invite reviews from all members, on texts that they have read and found interesting that focus substantially on madness or mental health issues. These can be fictions or autobiographies from any literary period, and with any mental health theme. Furthermore, people are invited to review texts that are already part of the database – they are keen to open up space for discussion about all texts.

Reviews will be peer reviewed on a thrice-weekly basis and then added to the database. All work will be fully credited to the reviewer themselves and can be listed on CV's etc.

Submitting a review is very easy. You need to join the network first and log on to the site. Click on the 'Add Literature' link that appears when you are logged on and a simple form will appear. Select anything from 1-5 key themes (or add your own theme), fill in the title and publishing details, and write a review of between 100 and 500 words. There is also space on the form for any salient or striking quotes from the books.

Contact Charley Baker with any queries:, Tel 01332 347141

Would anyone be interested in reviewing my book for it? Eyes without Sparkle - a journey through postnatal illness'?

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