Monday, 21 November 2011

Ann Girling's book is now published!

How many of you have ever said ‘I could write a book’? Have you actually ever thought it was possible? Have you made the effort?

I know someone who has just done that – let her be a source of inspiration!

My regular readers will have read about my friend, colleague and fellow trustee of The Joanne (Joe) Bingley Memorial Foundation, Ann Girling

On Friday 10th November I was delighted to attend her book launch ‘A Journey to Chocolate’. She was assisted by the same lovely lady who used to do Clive’s books for him – Shelli Walsh at

The venue was Priors Hayes Golf Club near Chester. The marquee looked so pretty draped in white and purple. There were various stalls as well and plenty of guests had made the effort to support Ann. It was wonderful to see her family there,  especially her gorgeous baby grandson and daughter. 

Since Ann and I have known each other she has spoken of ‘her book’. As the years, months and weeks have gone by I have heard the progress of it and was thrilled when she invited me to write the foreword for it. Another first for me!

Mary, another trustee of JBMF was there and had done a magnificent job of helping Ann organise the day. Chris Bingley was also there and we both gave a short presentation. I spoke of how the event today was about postnatal depression (Ann also was a sufferer), networking (as that is how Ann and I were introduced) and about hope for the future.

We enjoyed a tasty hot meal and I was pleased to meet a very special lady called Julie Smith from We had been in contact a few times over the years but never met until this event. I also met a school friend and the press photographer who has known me since I was the runner up in the Lions May Queen competition in Runcorn almost 30 years ago! Blimey I feel old!

I was thrilled to win a portrait sitting at Yaffe Fusion Art photography too as a raffle prize. 

I highly recommend Ann’s book for any woman who is interested in personal development. She has written her story with the addition of exercises that will help us all be the best we can be at the end of each chapter.
The first and only time Clive heard us present together was at the launch night of Joe’s charity in January last year. He recognised and acknowledged that we brought out the best in each other – long may it continue!

Many congratulations Ann on the ‘birth’ of your book and I look forward to us continuing our journeys together.

 You can get Ann’s book here.

So when are you going to actually start ... and publish yours?

Elaine x

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