Sunday, 13 November 2011

Remembrance ..

I actually feel rather ashamed today on Remembrance Sunday. Why? Because it has taken me 48 years to appreciate what real loss is about.
Having lost my partner Clive in February I know the pain of bereavement so now fully understand how it HURTS.

What I do not know is how all those today who have lost their loved ones due to war can come to terms with the futility of combat. I have no anger or guilt about Clive's death - his heart was the problem. How these brave men, women, children, parents, friends wave off their loved ones to war have my deepest respect and admiration. To them have to greet them back in a coffin is so heart breaking.

I am slowly coming to terms with my life without Clive in it. I now feel this anonymous quote is true,

As long as hearts remember
As long as hearts still care
We do not part with those we love
They're with us everywhere

I also feel this song is relevant today. 

So I shall be thinking of those brave men and women who have lost their loved ones.

I shall also treasure a day spent with those I love. As Clive often said 'Now is the only time we have'.

He would want us to make the most of it, as he did. 

Elaine x

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