Saturday, 6 September 2008

Raining - in Sydney?

I only woke up just before 2 pm to the sound of rain! In Sydney? It had poured non-stop for hours and there was no sign of it stopping. I had supposed to have been sight seeing with my friends who moved to Sydney from Chester last year. We decided to meet for dinner instead. Meanwhile I had an afternoon in a cozy dressing gown and watched 27 dresses. Bliss.
Later on Shelley drove me into the city - slowly as there was an accident. We realised we had more in common and she told me of her book 'Callum's Cure' which is about how she helped her son with his cerebral palsy (he prefers to be called Rory now).
Finally my friends and I met up and wandered down to Darling Harbour and caught up on our respective lives over a tasty meal. It was good to hear that they have settled in well. Then it was back to the Travelodge for the night.

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