Tuesday, 23 September 2008

How are you at time management?

Tonight we had a guest to stay with us. Robyn Pearce from New Zealand kindly let Dominic and I share a room with her on our last night in New York, after the National Speakers Association convention in August. We first met at a Global Speakers Network event held at the United Nations, where we were seated next to one another.

Robyn was visiting the UK to do a series of talks and dropped in on us in Cheshire between her engagements in the Lake District and Cardiff.

She is an amazing lady, mother of six and starts each day with a run!

Have a look at her details at http://www.gettingagrip.com/

I never cease to be amazed by the new friendships and opportunities which can be made by networking via groups. My new speaking 'family' of PSA has literally opened the world up for me!


Perhaps if the invitation to go back to Australia next October materialises then I may just have to go to New Zealand too!


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