Friday, 5 September 2008

Off to Australia!

I flew down to Australia on Emirates via Dubai where I had a few hours stop over - such a busy, busy airport. I landed in Sydney early in the morning and got a taxi to my speaker friend's beautiful apartment. We had met last month in New York at the NSA convention. Her name is Shelley Skyes and she is the happiness guru!! That's us two with our books.

After some breakfast I left Shelley and her charming son Rory doing their tasks whilst I had a sleep. Later we went shopping to a local mall and I was surprised it was dark by 5.30 pm. After eating one of Shelley's amazing 'sexy salads' full of nutrients for lunch and a similar version as a curry we were ready to hit Sydney. We went to a lively bar called 'The Establishment' which is apparently known locally as 'the dry cleaners' as it is where women go to pick up a suit! We danced ourselves silly before we had a drive around a wet Sydney at night and then ate chocolates and chatted for hours back at her apartment! I love Australia so far!

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