Wednesday, 25 February 2009

What about the children?

I was contacted today by a charity called 'What about the children'.

Their aims are:-

Raising awareness of the never-changing emotional needs
of children under 3 in our ever-changing society

We provide information from research to parents, professionals and politicians about the critical importance of secure primary attachment for the healthy emotional development of infants.

We campaign for employers and financial institutions, government and the health service to institute or improve policies and practises that give practical support to families with young children.

We campaign for tax and child benefit systems that enable parents to have a realistic choice to provide the main care for their children in the first three years.

Have a looked at their website to find out more!

They have an excellent conference coming up on 17th March. I cannot attend as I am already booked for another event.

I support their aims fully as I am increasingly aware of the detrimental effects on the children if a mother has mental health issues. In my case being separated from Dominic when I was so poorly was cruel for both of us - especially as I was still breast feeding. It remains a scandal that there are more mother and baby specialist beds in UK prisons than the WHOLE of the NHS. This is NOT good enough.

What do you think?


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