Thursday, 4 June 2009

Don't leave things in your car overnight!

This morning I was a guest on Heather Stott's coffee club on BBC Radio Manchester.

My fellow guests were Maxine Muzzlewhite who is director of a woman's online magazine at and Andy Kelly, known to his friends as 'Andy on the telly' due his appearance on 34 different TV quiz shows! Look out for him on 'Who wants to be a millionaire' on 20th June.
Some of the topics from the daily newspapers we chatted about included being sent to jail for being a litter lout; getting married in space; drink driving and being burgled.
The latter topic reminded me of when Nick, Dominic and I drove down to Cornwall for a holiday. Enroute we stayed overnight at the Travelodge at Bristol. Foolishly we left everything in the back of our estate car apart from overnight things in the lit car park under the hotel. Next morning we discovered the back window smashed, many of our possessions thrown all over the floor and several bags missing. Dominic was distraught to see his toys scattered all over. Then we realised that in one of the missing bags was a totally irreplaceable item. 'Mum! The diary!' Dom howled. Every night since he had been born part of bedtime routine was 'to do the diary'. 'Eyes without Sparkle' could not have been written without it.
When Dom was 5 we bought a second 5 year diary and the nightly routine continued. We had thought one day it would be useful for book 2. But four years of our family history had just gone. Clothes can be replaced but that diary was so very special. We put pleas out on radio and in the local press but the diary was never returned. The police said that it was all probably stolen to be sold to fund drug habits. But to a very sad 9 year old that meant nothing. He has never written a diary since. He lost heart - who can blame him? Since then I never leave anything in my car!

All of us then sponsored Heather who is doing the Race for Life run on Sunday for cancer research. Go girl!


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