Wednesday, 3 June 2009

PSA, LinkedIn and Passion!!

Last night I had the great pleasure of chairing the Professional Speaker's Association NW meeting held at the excellent City Inn, Manchester.

It was great to have some familiar faces but also some brand new guests who seemed very keen to join us.

Our first speaker was the excellent Will Kintish. I met Will a few years ago as a naive and dreadful 'networker' at a seminar he was giving at The Heath in Runcorn. He used me as his stooge on the stage and a friendship was formed which has grown over the years. It was Will who introduced me to the PSA, which in turn has been a huge part in changing my life!

As a former accountant who has become the guru of networking he has now used his skills for 'online' purposes and is now delivering training on using LinkedIn.

As soon as Will began we were all amazed by some of the 'obvious but we missed them' features of LinkedIn. Did you know you can link it to your Outlook for example, and a button will appear on emails so you can see if the sender is on LinkedIn?

For this and more great uses get in touch with Will and I highly recommend any course he does!
Incidentally he is the very proud Dad of his soon to be famous popstar son Mike who is a member of the Yeah Yous.
Get them booked for the PSA convention Will!

Next we had the unforgettable style of presenting from Chris Davidson. I love the way he speaks and could listen to him for hours! I would love him to read a story to me as he would make it so alive! I asked Chris to share some of his skills on presenting. These included adding value, being persuasion and adding passion so your audience take action. Chris gave me some mentoring to help my presentational skills and encouraged me to braver than I ever dreamed I could be. If you are serious about speaking have a look at

The evening was another one with PSA where I left feeling I had been patted on the head for things I am doing right as a speaker but kicked up the bottom for what I can improve on!

Thank you so much guys!

Next meeting is on 7th July where current PSA national President Roger Harrop will be speaking.

Got to go and get busy on LinkedIn now!


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