Wednesday, 3 June 2009

We need midwives!I have received this message from Elaine Bielby - can you help?

Booktrust is an independent charity dedicated to encouraging people of all ages and cultures to engage with books. The written word underpins all our activity and enables us to fulfill our vision of inspiring a lifelong love of books for all.

Booktrust provides the gift of free books and guidance materials; our Bookstart programme reaches directly into the homes of babies, toddlers and young children up to the age of three. This is followed by Booktime as they start primary school and by Booked Up which is aimed at eleven year olds just as they begin secondary school. The free book programmes are funded by the Dept of Children Schools and Families, the devolved administrations and are generously sponsored by children's publishers

Booktrust free book programmes give every family the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of sharing stories songs and rhymes and also help to develop parental bonding, family cohesion, and positive attitudes to school.

We are at the early stages of developing a special maternity pack to be used with vulnerable mums and would like to invite your input: the aim of the new maternity pack will be to support mothers and fathers to bond with their baby whilst in utero. I am particularly keen for any midwifes to contact me with examples of current activity in promoting bonding antenatally and any props you may be using for example rhymes, or books.
Please contact me Elaine Bielby Booktrust National Development Manager - Health Partnerships Tel: 01522 804584 or Mobile 07826937473 or email

Many thanks!


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