Monday, 21 September 2009

North East and Cumbria Mother and Baby Unit

Families in the Northumberland area should have access to their specialist Mother and baby unit.
The unit, based on our St George's Park site in Morpeth, cares for women who are experiencing mental health problems and their babies up to 12 months old. These problems may have been present before the birth or have developed afterwards. We admit women from within the Northern Region as we are a Northern Regional Specialist Service. Women can be admitted from outside the Northern Region, following a referral to Dr Walsh, Consultant Psychiatrist. The unit offers a homely atmosphere in which the bonding of a mother and child can continue, while mothers have access to a full range of psychiatric treatment and services appropriate to their needs. Partners and family members are also encouraged to help care for the mothers and babies.

They need to keep their profile up so that mums in their catchment area know that if they need to be admitted they can come to them rather than be admitted without their baby. They are the regional unit for the North East and Cumbria and started 22 years ago although they are now a new build (3 years old) and have 6 beds. It’s a lovely spacious unit and the rooms are en-suite and have double beds so that fathers can stay occasionally as necessary.

I have been contacted by some Mums who speak very highly of the unit!
Keep up the excellent work.

Elaine Hanzak

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