Saturday, 19 September 2009

The treatment of PPD should include the mother with the infant

There is some research from Boston about mothers with postpartum depression with suicidal thoughts and their infant interactions.

The joys of motherhood for many women can also lead other new mums to experience postpartum depression and even worse – ideas for committing suicide.

"The treatment of PPD (postpartum depression) should include the mother with the infant -- not the mother alone -- to best remediate the relationship where depressed mothers are often less able to be sensitive and responsive to their babies."

I agree completely! I was separated from my son as a breast feeding mother when I had puerperal psychosis. I now know that was detrimental to us both and not just an everlasting feeling of being 'robbed' of breast feeding. It frustrates me that we still have more specialist Mother and Baby Units in UK prisons than we do in the NHS.

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