Friday, 25 September 2009

Nursing In Practice - London, domestic violence and breast feeding

I was delighted to present at the Nursing in Practice event at London.
Designed specifically to meet the educational needs of practice nurses and other primary care specialists, the programme features an impressive collection of speakers delivering highly topical and relevant presentations.

The venue was the impressive Business Design centre.

I attended an informative session on 'Domestic violence and child protection: practice implications' by Dr. Lorraine Radford, Head of research, NSPCC.
Support services available she listed were:
Domestic Violence Helpline 0808 2000 247
ChildLine 0800 1111
Parenting Programmes (NICE report 21A)
Domestic violence perpetrator programmes (Respect 0845 1228 609)
National Association of Child Contact Services

Dr Radford outlined the key areas to be covered
1. Awareness - the impact of domestic violence on children and young people
2. Practice implications - for nurse working directly with adults and with children and young people in the community, in clinics or in hospitals
3. Working together - implications for working with other agencies especially for named nurses and for managers

She also mentioned the NSPCC resource 'Talking to my Mum'. See details here and for other resources.

Guidance for healthcare professionals can be found at:-
Department of Health (2005) Responding to domestic abuse: a handbook for health professionals
BMA (2007) Domestic abuse
RCN (2007) Domestic Violence Guidance for Nurses
Home Office(2009) Children and Domestic Violence toolkit
LSCB guidance, e.g. Greater London.

Where there are injuries to a child look at

Useful Books

SCIE Research briefing 25: Children’s and young people’s experiences of domestic violence involving adults in a parenting role
By Anne Worrall, Jane Boylan and Diane Roberts

I had a brief chat with Alison Blenkinsop who was presenting on 'Priming the treasure chest - maximising early breastmilk supply'.
read about her here

We did a book swap and I am looking forward to reading hers - 'Fit to Bust'

Amongst the stand I visited were two charming gentleman from
Team24 are the leading medical locum agency specialising in doctor jobs, practice nurse jobs, SHO jobs, general practitioner jobs and other NHS jobs.

Thank you for another great event, Nursing in Practice!

Elaine Hanzak

P.S. Mum came along with me on this trip. She is amazing for finding vouchers and bargains as well as being a star on using London buses! We had an excellent value meal and cocktails at The Roadhouse in Covent Garden for 50% off! Have a look at


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