Monday, 1 March 2010

Special wishes for special parents

I usually keep my blog linked to information about mental health but I am sure that you will permit my indulgence today to wish my amazing parents Maureen and Lawrence Walsh a very happy Golden Wedding today!

50 years ago today they married in Fleetwood, Lancashire and have Kevin, myself and Claire as their three children. Now they have Brendan, Kerita, Indra, Dominic and Sophie as grandchildren. Their unconditional love, support and dedication is non-ending and I am sure I speak for the three of us when I say how much we appreciate it and them.

Mum and Dad didn't have many opportunities as youngsters but they have ensured we were able to and although they may not always have agreed with our choices, they have supported us through thick and thin. All of us have returned home to them at some stage (or two!) during our adult lives and helped us back along a new path again. They often say how proud they are of us but we are also proud of them.

They both worked long and hard so it is good to see them enjoying their retirement and they are often on their travels. Their skill at planning and booking is amazing - even combining Mum's hobby of vouchers and competitions along the way!

It is a shame we can't all get together as a family to celebrate this milestone until Mothering Sunday but at least we shall all be together then - especially with our new family star, baby Sophie.

So Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad,

I love you both so much,


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