Thursday, 25 March 2010

Want to know about CHaMP?

At the ChiMat event last week I also learnt about CHaMP.

What is CHaMP? (Child and Maternity Partnership)

A national service improvement resource for Child Health and Maternity Services funded and supported by the Office of the Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) Chief Executives and the Department of Health (DH).
It acts as a vehicle for consultancy and capacity building for service improvement with particular expertise in integrated working across health and social care. This offers it a unique position in the innovation and improvement field as it is able to provide support for service delivery, joint commissioning ,and  knowledge sharing across multiple stakeholders and strengthening partnership arrangements.  It should be acknowledged that CHaMP is at present a small resource with finite capacity but is one of the few resources available that exclusively focuses on child health and maternity services.

Visit their website here  

Any service and resource that brings child and maternal mental health together has to be a good idea! I look forward to this one growing.

Elaine Hanzak

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