Monday, 17 May 2010

Great new book - 'Psychology for Midwives'

I am delighted that one of my much admired and loved contacts over recent years, Maureen Raynor,  has now had her third book published, along with a colleague of hers, Carole England.

Maureen lets me loose on her midwifery students at Nottingham on a regular basis!

Here are the details of the book from

"Psychology for Midwives" is an excellent aid in grasping the key concepts of psychology in a focused way, clearly demonstrating how the key concepts can be used within modern day midwifery practice settings. This is an easy to use, informative guide, with up to date sources of evidence."
Kimberley Skinner, Student Midwife, Anglia Ruskin University, UK

"Communication isn't just about giving information. It is about creating relationships. This book is studded with academic references, but can also help midwives understand and interact with their clients in a satisfying way." Sheila Kitzinger, Honorary Professor at Thames Valley University, UK

This accessible, evidence-based book explores how important it is for midwives to understand the psychological aspects of care, in order to create positive experiences for mothers and families. The book provides simple explanations for why psychological care matters in midwifery practice and uses different theoretical perspectives of psychology to illustrate how it fundamentally contributes to good midwifery practice.

The book addresses many core concepts and principles of psychology, including:

  • Mother-midwife relationship
  • Emotions during the childbearing continuum
  • Perinatal mental illness
  • Communications in midwifery practice
  • The birth environment
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Providing support to families
  • Attachment and bonding
Reflective questions, activities, illustrations, tables, summary boxes and a glossary help readers navigate the book.

One of the first books of its kind, Psychology for Midwives is essential reading for all midwives, students and allied health care professionals interested in the psychological dimensions of childbearing. 

Elaine Hanzak

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