Friday, 21 May 2010

Many congratulations to Grace - twins after puerperal psychosis!

Not long after my book 'Eyes without Sparkle' was published in 2005 I was contacted by a man who said he felt that one of his employees would be interested in talking to me.

I will never forget that first conversation with Grace as we got excited about the fact that we had both wandered the streets as 'mad women in our night clothes'! We compared our journeys of puerperal psychosis.

Since then we have kept in touch and finally met up a few times last year. In the interim Grace has been writing her story - to be published soon. One thing that I have had to come to terms with was no more children (Dominic is brilliant but I had wanted him to have a sibling as I love mine so much). 
I was prepared to take the risk again, but it wasn't to be. Even at 46 that dream hadn't gone but a hysterectomy last year finally put a stop to it! I now am content being Mum to Dom, Auntie to baby Sophie and godmother to baby Ruby and Katie.

Grace and I discussed the issue that we both felt we wanted to have another child to enjoy it next time - given the right support behind us from the appropriate health and family teams.

So I was thrilled when Grace told me she was expecting twins! All the plans were put in place and big sister Ellie now has Thomas and Maggie as siblings. Mum and babies doing well!

Read their story in the Daily Mirror, 

Many congratulations to all the family!

Elaine Hanzak