Monday, 24 May 2010

Launch of Antenatal sessions for expectant parents

Last week I was privileged to work with Ann Girling / and the Wellbeing project / for an antenatal session for expectant mums and dads, funded by Halton Council and the Primary Care Trust.

We ran two sessions, one in St. Helens and one in Widnes, Cheshire.
See the press release here

We are waiting for the official feedback of the events but hope there will be more to come.

Project Manager Mark Swift, New mums Emma MacKerllar and Bonnita Collin of Widnes flank author Elaine Hanzak. On the right Halton Borough Council's Angela Haughton.

Elaine Hanzak


Simon said...

Hi elaine

How many people attended the sessions?

Best wishes

Elaine said...

Hi Simon,
There were about 40 in total.