Monday, 10 January 2011

Art for the mind, body and soul

Being creative helped me in the past to make my world (mind, body and soul) a better place. When I was in hospital, due to puerperal psychosis, teaching another patient to knit dolls clothes for her daughter was huge therapy for me in several ways.  This time last year when I was recovering from surgery the knitting needles were out again for baby clothes for my niece and god daughter. Actually writing my book 'Eyes without Sparkle'  was also a huge creative, therapeutic and ultimately useful activity that has also helped others. My partner Clive during his convalescence from knee surgery decided to make some pictures for the lounge. He used leaves we collected whilst walking the dog!

If you are saying 'I'd like to do that but haven't the time' perhaps you would benefit from a copy of his new book hot off the press called 'It's not 'your' time, it's the time you have'.

However, being creative at other times is also a wonderful way to pass the time and make yourself (and others) feel better in the process. So turn off that tv (or PC!) and get busy!

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Elaine Hanzak

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