Wednesday, 26 January 2011

At last I can announce an exciting new development around postnatal illness!

For several months now I have been involved with a new charity which launches on Saturday night in Huddersfield.
The Joe (Joanne) Bingley Memorial Foundation has been set up following the death last year of a new mother who tragically took her own life. Her husband Chris wants to see her legacy in creating systems where maternal mental health is considered as important as physical needs so that their daughter Emily Jane will be properly cared for when she becomes a mother.
I was asked to be a trustee and accepted the honour as it's aims are the same as mine:-
  • Raise awareness and de-stigmatise Postnatal Depression, by stimulating open discussion about the illness and its treatment.
  • Provide access to information and support to mums, dads, partners, families, and friends affected by Postnatal Depression
  • Support research to identify the causes of the increasing number of deaths due to Postnatal Depression, examine the key risks and issues that effect sufferers from Postnatal Depression, and what can be done to help them
  • Ensure Medical Services follow appropriate standards and guidelines, and patients know what should be available to them
I also feel a double-edged angle because my sister Claire gave birth to her daughter Sophie 4 days before Joe had Emily. As a sufferer of postnatal depression it has been a real privilege to witness with my sister how early motherhood should and can be. In contrast I am deeply aware of the indescribable loss for Emily, Chris and all their family and friends for not sharing that joy with Joe. And the fact that Joe herself, a wonderful bright, bubbly and caring lady is not here to be the mother that she had always dreamed of being.

Joe would have been 40 years old this month so we decided to celebrate her life by launching her Foundation on Saturday night.  It is to be a fun night at the Galpharm Stadium in Huddersfield with a Gangsters and Molls theme! My Clive will be MC for the evening, there will be a raffle and auction and fun to be had by all. Joe was a party girl!

I am proud to attach a copy of the first newsletter for the Foundation.  

I would be so pleased if you would pass it around your contacts too. If you would like to be on a mailing list for others please let me know at 

Elaine Hanzak

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