Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Can someone else please tell BT that Clive Gott has died?

Now my regular readers will know that I give credit where it is due. I love to be able to share my many positive experiences with my blog readers all over the world, for example, in my last post on buying a car. I may mention where I have had service that could be better but I don't usually name them - I prefer to give them the opportunity to rectify the situation.

However, next month Clive will have been dead for a year. Is it TOO much to expect a national company - BT - to continue to send me bills in his name at this stage? They were informed within a few weeks of his death BUT THEY CONTINUE!!

Even now I have moved house they are redirected to me here IN HIS NAME!!! I am almost past the severe emotional distress it caused me before I moved - when I would literally sit at the bottom of the stairs and sob my heart out at the reminder AGAIN that he has gone - see my previous blog http://elainehanzak.blogspot.com/2011/09/how-good-is-your-customer-service.html
However, this morning AGAIN I have received my final bill reminder in his name and once again I am in tears - out of exasperation this time!

I have emailed numerous times, written and spoken to team members in customer service at BT, each time being assured that his name is off their database - yet still they come!!!! This morning I have lost my patience and therefore ask you to Tweet, Facebook, etc. about this! When I was at the Professional Speaking Association conference in October, which I wrote about here, I was talking about my dilemma then. The fellow diners suggested I named and shamed as within our network messages go global within minutes! Someone said how they had tweeted about poor service and within an hour they had the relevant head office on the phone!

So can you join me in getting my message to a company who refuse to listen and apparently do not care? My heart goes out to elderly widows and widowers who may have the same problem. Imagine how painful it must be to them months on if the same has happened? Why do BT insist on causing the pain of grief to be a constant reminder. They got my name right on my bank account immediately - so why can't they understand that the incredible Clive Gott has passed away?

Can you let them know please because for once I really am at a loss to know what to do?

In the meantime I need some Shayne!!

By the way - I signed up with Sky in my new home who have been great!

PS. After posting this I was given an email address by a friend to someone at BT. Within a couple of hours this matter was dealt with but what a shame I had to resort to this. I have had others comment that the same issue arises on divorce and a wish for BT to show more compassion. I have been told they will send me a survey to complete so that 'lessons can be learned'. I do hope so.

Elaine x


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Anonymous said...

Elaine - this is disgusting, you should send an email to the boss of BT complaining x ( ian.livingston@bt.com)