Saturday, 14 January 2012

Why I do what I do around postnatal depression .....

On Tuesday 17th January it will be seven years since my book 'Eyes without Sparkle - a journey through postnatal illness' was published. Only this week I received a humbling email from a lady who is currently suffering from the same illness and tells me that my story is giving her hope and 'getting her through'. That was why I shared what happened - it gives comfort to those who feel that the blackness will never end.

Since my book was published my life has changed, initially from leaving my teaching career to begin a new one as a speaker and advocate around maternal mental health. My marriage ended and I began new life in Yorkshire with fellow speaker, Clive Gott, who died suddenly last year. I am now back in Cheshire with my family and rebuilding my life again. I have determination, support and hope to find happiness again. I was told nothing and no-one could have saved Clive the day he died. His heart and arteries were beyond repair. I get comfort from that. The pain of bereavement is the worse I have ever faced.

If there was something or someone that could have avoided this pain then I would want to fight about it. I would want to avoid others from the devastation I have felt.

That is where my dearest friend Chris Bingley now is. His wife Joanne (Joe) took her own life whilst suffering from postnatal illness. He is in this position. As a trustee for the charity in her name now I am determined to join him in his call to action to avoid others families unnecessarily left bereft in such a way.

Currently Chris is on the media trail to highlight the charity and its aims.

I am listening to BBC Radio Leeds from last Wednesday 11th January (2 - 3 pm) when Chris was interviewed by Liz Green. I urge you to listen and share it. I know what happened but listening to Chris describe it all with such dignity, honesty and passion is truly inspirational.

Also here is the link to the article which appeared in the Yorkshire Post last week.

Please help us in the charity to spread the awareness about postnatal illness and call for more services to help families. The concept of 'just' postnatal depression needs to be shattered. As Chris says 'my wife died because we didn't get information which could have cost 70p.'

Chris is an incredible man. I am humbled and privileged to know him. His story has fuelled my desire and purpose to make early parenthood happier and easier for others.

Chris and I at Joe's charity launch

Please help us. Visit the Joanne (Joe) Bingley Memorial Foundation  website and sign up for our newsletters on developments and how you can help.

Elaine x

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Davinia Reynolds said...

PND is a cruel, cruel disease. I suffered for years and was hospitalised three times. Nobody knew what the problem was... too many people 'slip' through the net. Every woman who suffers from this heartbreaking condition needs Love, understanding, support and to know that there IS light at the end of that dark lonely tunnel.
This site is superb, full of information that needs to be shared with others.
The tragedy is that Joe took her own life, along with many others, due to a lack of knowledge.
Davinia x