Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sharp knives and wet kitchen floors!

Whilst I was washing up last night I remembered to leave the sharp knife out out the water until I was going to immediately wash it. I smiled as I recalled that it was something that Clive was adamant that I do. He would tell me the story of someone he had known that had taken the top clean off their finger by not being aware of a sharp knife lurking under the bubbles. He wanted to protect me. That story and advice is now part of my daily routine. My knowledge. My experience. A bitter sweet memory of Clive with his arms around me as I washed up (or he did).

That made me think of how others can impact upon us. I was away over New Year with my family in the Lake District. My brother-in-law Martin was often warning his toddler daughter to 'mind that head'. I guess we do it all of the time to those we love and want to keep safe. Yet I also reflected on how I teach myself advice. When I arrived back to my cottage the kitchen floor was flooded! For a couple of hours I had no heat either and stayed wrapped in a blanket on the settee feeling very glum. The rest of my family were still away; Dom was busy; I felt my mood slipping. I began to spiral into 'poor me' mode!

Then I gave myself a metaphorical slap! What would I advise others?
Choices - I could have easily gone to my parents or sisters homes for the night. I still had most of the basics in the house. All I had to do was wait for help which did arrive. As I listened to the wind I counted my blessings and thought of those who are homeless. I have so much to be grateful for. I had also chosen to come home earlier for a reason I wasn't sure of until I opened the back door!
Communication - I wasn't cut off. I had communicated with my landlord the problem and within a couple of hours he had got me sorted out. I hadn't just let the problem build up. I had taken action, asked for and received help graciously. I had done something. I just needed to remind myself of that! I wasn't wallowing and allowing more water to flood out.
Caring - I cared for my cottage and gave the landlord the opportunity to do so for both of our sakes! I cared for myself - I wanted to be safe and warm. I also allowed a good friend to care for me as they listened to my 'tale of woe' and some self pity before I talked myself back up! They also reminded me of my language - I had slipped into using 'try' and 'not too bad' instead of positive alternatives! So today I WILL take some constructive actions and acknowledge that life is okay and going to get even better!

I now have heat again - and a very clean kitchen floor!

Yesterday afternoon I also had a call out of the blue from a friend from Tadcaster just asking me how I was - much appreciated. Who can you call today and just say  'I was thinking of you'?

I now have a space both mentally and physically to plan and grow for 2012. I want to Dream Big! I am also prepared to take action too! Are you?

  • So what is it that you teach others and follow yourself?
  • What will people remember about you when you are no longer there?
  • What are your dreams and what will you DO to make them happen?

Elaine x

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