Friday, 4 April 2008

Spreading the Word!

I have had a good week in trying to get my message 'out there'.

I am in the May edition of SHE magazine as part of a feature on Inspiring Women.

Also there is an article about me on the Great Ormond Street informative website.

I am also pleased that the Association of Postnatal Illness have added my book and website to their recommended ones!

Today I chatted to Dr. Peter Carter, Chief Executive Officer of the Royal College of Nursing. He has described my presentation as 'moving and inspiring' and will be recommending me to others!

In addition I have been inspired myself by readers and delegates who have contacted me to comment how useful my book/talks have been from both a sufferer and professional aspect.

I really do appreciate this feedback as it motivates me to keep on trying to make a difference out there.

One comment that inspired me read 'keep on changing attitudes and inspire the world' - will do!

Best wishes,


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