Friday, 9 October 2009

Inspiration NW LiVE event October 9th - and Kitbags!

NHS managerial and director level staff in the NW of the UK attended this event which I presented a workshop at.

That's me, bottom left in turquoise! I know - not exactly a close-up shot!

It was organised by the excellent Cynergy events
From my perspective as a speaker they looked after me brilliantly and were so very organised!

The venue was stunning -

This is what it promised ...

We are pleased to announce details of our service experience event, coinciding with
National Customer Service Week to highlight the importance of getting it right for patients.
Focusing on best practice from within the health sector, the event will give delegates an understanding of how to measure patient experience and will include an
exciting awards ceremony to reward inspirational staff who have given the SHA ideas for service improvement via our 6 month diary room campaign.
In addition to our varied programme, delegates can network in the marketplace which features touchscreen technology, book stalls, poster presentations and many more interactive stands.
Our intended audience is director and managerial level staff and colleagues who can use what they learn from the day to raise the profile of service experience back in their own organisation.

And here is the report of the day

Next to my exhibition stand was a lovely lady called Dr. Margaret Hannah. We chatted and soon realised we shared a huge passion for the same approach - using the senses to impove and maintain good mental health and well being. Dr. Hannah has taken this further and working with the International Futures Forum has devised and produced a sensory kitbag.

Kitbag comes from International Futures Forum, a registered charity committed to sustaining human aspiration in powerful times. The complexity and uncertainty in today’s world can make us feel overwhelmed. IFF developed Kitbag to support inner growth and help people deal more effectively with today’s unprecedented challenges.

Kitbag is designed to help find deeper connections in life – with ourselves, other people and the world. It contains a set of resources to support and facilitate personal growth, recognising all the while that we have the capacity for real learning, growth and healing.

It is a beautiful kit and one that I would recommend to postnatal depression sufferers and support groups.

As my partner Clive
says, sometimes it is good to go 'forward to basics', i.e. go back to the simple things we started with.

A sensory approach makes us literally 'wake up and smell the coffee'! We miss so much in our busy, complicated lives.

Just for a few minutes now just STOP. Sit back and become aware of what you can hear, feel, smell, taste and see. Almost immediately you will begin to relax. Dr. Hannah has a great deal of clinical reseacrh to back up the Kitbag - I highly recommend you take a look!

At lunchtime we were entertained by

Special thanks to my parents who came to man my exhibition table whilst I did my workshop!


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