Monday, 19 October 2009

Some new useful links to improve life!

In the last week I have met some amazing people whose work may be of interest.

I had a meeting with Beverley from to talk about mental health and the workplace.
She shares an interest with me in emotional well being, with a particular passion for homeopathy.
Have a look at The Society of Homeopaths at

I attended a breakfast meeting for the Centre for Leadership Development held at Liverpool Hope University

These events are run by John Howey,their Business Development manager.

The wonderful Molly Harvey, The Corporate Soul Woman, gave the seminar talk.

Molly Harvey, Corporate Soul Woman, is a world-class business speaker and author of books on topics including ‘Leadership Development’ and ‘Executive Improvement’.

She helps Chief Executives, leaders and managers get even better by achieving positive lasting change in their own behaviour and the behaviour of their teams.

One of her greatest skills is working with the board of directors to help them clarify and simplify the organisation’s vision and strategy.

To inspire at such an early hour is a true gift and talent! One of the questions she asked was for those who were happy in their jobs - to those who did not put up their hands she challenged them to find their passion. I am delighted to say I was in the former group!

One of the principles of good patient care I speak about is for getting the Zest back into life - the fun and spirit. In recent months several people have mentioned Stephanie Davies from Laughlogy to me. . She is the next speaker at The Centre for Leadership Development in Liverpool on 19th November. See their website or email for details.

I just hope Clive doesn't make me laugh too much after my operation this Friday! It seems I need to learn a special technique to hold my stitches if I laugh!!

I had a lovely weekend in the Yorkshire Dales with Dominic - walking in the outdoors is a great stress buster and we had a brilliant time. He we are after climbing up the waterfall at Gordale Scar.

We were most impressed with the village of Malham, and have vowed when I am fit enough again we shall return.

Elaine Hanzak

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