Thursday, 15 October 2009

Can we improve levels of patient care outlined by CQC today?

Below standard levels of patient care have been highlighted today by a report.

One in eight NHS trusts has been told it must urgently improve the care it provides, by a new regulator publishing ratings on England's 392 trusts.

The assessments by the Care Quality Commission show a drop in the number of hospitals meeting basic standards in areas such as hygiene and safety.

But it also said more services than ever could be rated good or excellent.

From April, the CQC will gain new powers to be able to shut any of the 47 underachieving trusts down.

As a await an operation next week I could be worried by such a report! However, having already been an emergency patient in the hospital and ward I am going back to I am not concerned.

But I am aware that many NHS staff feel pressurised by all the targets and morale is very low. Maybe we need to remind them of what patients really want?

Have a look at my video here on what I feel matters, and others have endorsed.

Those who have heard my full presentation tell me that I remind them of why they originally entered the profession! More content staff has to lead to improved patient satisfaction.

Have you heard my presentation? Can you tell me how your performance and patient satisfaction has been affected?

Elaine Hanzak

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