Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The church, NSPCC and postnatal illness

We drew piglets!

For a long while I have felt that the voluntary sector and the community could be big players in helping families affected by postnatal illness and passionately wanted to investigate ways to do this.

Back in January Clive and I did a joint workshop on personal development.
One of the delegates, David, approached me after hearing my story, to ask if there was anyway his church could get involved in helping families also affected by postnatal illness.

The outcome was on 30th September we held an evening at St. Peter's and All Saint's Church in Morley, Leeds. http://www.beyondchurch.org.uk/index.html

Initially I was just going to speak about my illness, recovery and offer suggestions on how people can help sufferers, with practical and emotional support.

I also contacted various NHS staff and David was very busy letting other groups, e.g. Children's centres, know about the event.

We were delighted that we then had presentations on behalf of health visitors and the psychiatrist from the Leeds Mother and Baby Unit.

The day before the event I spoke about it on BBC Radio Leeds lunchtime programme,

Due to the publicity we were contacted by Chris Parkin who works for the NSPCC. She has been running a postnatal support group in Bramley and Armley for many years. I visited the centre - it is a perfect set-up. We all did one of her activities she uses at the group to break down barriers - by drawing piglets and getting them interpreted to show personality aspects!

The outcome of the evening is that we appear to have the bones of progress:-

1. Chris will offer her expertise to set up and help run a support group at the church.
2. The church can provide a building, creche, volunteers as needed to help the group.
3. Volunteers from the church family already have police check certificates (CRB) so can help families with shopping, travel to group, etc.
4. Chris and members of the church will work with health visitors, children's centres etc. too.

I am absolutely thrilled that mine and David's beliefs look like they are feasible! Hooray!

If you would like to know more please contact myself or Chris at cparkin@nspcc.org.uk

It seems the only resource we will need are some craft items!

If you would like me to introduce the concept at your church please let me know!

Many thanks to David, Nick, Chris, Melinda, Rowan, Sally and all those involved in the evening.
Watch this space!

Elaine Hanzak


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