Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Want information on Perinatal and Infant mental health?

If you would like to receive mailings on perinatal and infant mental health please take notice:-

Registration Now Required

The PIMH Network is changing from April 2010 you will no longer receive the Jan-Net PIMH monthly bulletin or any special mailings if you have previously registered.

At the end of April 2010 The National Child and Maternal Health Observatory (ChiMat) which is funded by the Department of Health to provide information and enable access to resources will produce and circulate the first monthly ebulletin to registered member

You will not continue to receive a bulletin unless you register

You need to register by 23rd April 2010 to receive the end of April bulletin

You can register for one or more e-bulletins on the ChiMat website – Go to www.chimat.org.uk/default.aspx?QN=CHMK9
From this page click on register here and type your contact details into the joining form which appears.

If you are already registered with ChiMat you can sign up for additional e-bulletins. To do this, login to the website, view your Profile and click on ‘Change Mailing Settings’ to select or de-select which e-bulletins you want to receive. We hope you will register and continue to receive a regular knowledge update as we are concerned that less than 30% of members of former networks have registered for the new service.

In recent surveys of current recipients of the bulletins users have commented:

“I have found it an invaluable source of information and keeping me up to date”

“ It helps keep me up to date with latest information and events re; infant mental health”

‘Very current information, I am always in the know according to colleagues. Arrives regularly, hassle free’

Thank you to Janet for all the work she has done with the jan-net mailings in the past!

Elaine Hanzak


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