Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Some meetings are meant to be! A magical 'blast from the past'!

I was getting my little sister's soon-to-be-here-baby a present this afternoon when I heard a voice I have missed since I left my full-time teaching post several years ago now - an ex-pupil of mine whom I had the pleasure of spending a couple of years with and who left a huge impression on me. I have often wondered how she was getting on. When she first entered my nursery class she was like a whirlwind, couldn't speak and left a trail of havoc! My team and I worked with her family and little by little she began to be even more delightful. I will never forget the day I returned to school for the last time, 5 months after taking sabbatical leave. When she saw me, her eyes were huge and she declared 'Elaine! You came back!' and climbed across the table to hug me! A magical moment I have never forgotten. To see her today was a true joy! And she didn't stop chattering!
What a wonderful and timely reminder of how I used to love teaching, as I have decided to do special school supply teaching again in addition to my speaking career! Some meetings are simply meant to be!

Elaine Hanzak

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