Friday, 10 February 2012

Calling Mums and Dads happy to talk about PND in Manchester on 15th Feb!

I have been asked by Claudia (see message below) to spread this message. I will be going along.

We especially need some Dads!

I am currently working on a project called Digital Babies (a Digital Care Social Enterprise) which is a collaboration between ITN, NHS Choices and The Royal College of Midwives.

We are making lots of short, minute-or-so long videos that will eventually appear on the NHS Choices website, covering a huge range of issues about pregnancy, birth and babies.

Some films will be from midwives, giving medical advice on some subjects. But many will also come from real people; real parents who have been there, experienced it and bought the t-shirt.

One issue that is vitally important is Post Natal Depression. Many women suffer from it, but many don’t know they have it, how to deal with it or where to get help.

We ideally would need three or four women you may know, who have experienced PND who are happy talking about their experience. They would be filmed in a closed studio (no audience, just the crew) in Manchester on Wednesday 15th February. We would love them to bring their babies too! Ideally (I know I’m asking a lot) but if they have a partner who could also come and discuss, separately, how partners can support women suffering from PND, that would be amazing.

We can pay for their travel costs/organise travel and we will supply them with make-up and hair, food and drinks. But they need to be confident to talk about this very personal issue openly. We’d like to talk with them first over the phone to let them know more about the day, to assess their suitability, and to talk about the kind of things we’d want them to discuss. The filming will not be a one-on-one interview, just three or four women who have all been through PDN, sitting together and discussing it together, in order to eventually encourage other women who have experienced it to get support and help.

If you think you may know of some people who would be interested, please contact me on 0207 833 3000 extn 2076 or drop me a return email.

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T +44 207 833 3000


Please share with any relevant contacts you may have.

Elaine x

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