Friday, 10 February 2012

Mums who don't love their babies

Yesterday morning I was given a call by BBC Radio London in response to an article in the Daily Mail about mothers who do not love their babies. I was invited to speak to Vanessa Feltz on her programme - listen again here  (go to 2.08 - 2.15).

The Daily Mail article is well worth a read.

I explained the title of my book, and why my eyes did not sparkle with postnatal depression.
I said I was excited and had expectations about motherhood but spiralled out of control. I admitted that for a while I did not bond with my son as I developed puerperal psychosis. We spoke more about expectations - what I expected and what I got. I didn't expect to be so tired, failing, out of control and feeling like a 'bad' mother.

My main messages were that you must be honest about it if you feel like this. Don't suffer in silence; it's not just you. You are not a bad mother just one who needs more help. It is okay to admit if you feel like this - you need time to talk about how you feel.
Those around can help by being supportive and avoid platitudes and judgements.

I suggested that people contacted their GP's or health visitors; look at The Joanne (Joe) Bingley Memorial Foundation and seek help via 

I didn't say how much I love my gorgeous Dominic and it was just a blip!!!! Ooops!

Elaine x

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