Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Do you consider taking a break and being good to yourself as 'Fluffy'?

When you are stressed are you at your most productive?
If you are snappy with yourself how can you expect to be good and productive with others?

I always speak about the importance of being good to yourself so that you can help others. It isn't about being selfish - quite the opposite. When I talk about having a 'feel good' First Aid tool kit, it is about being prepared with sensations that help you feel calmer, more relaxed and then more productive.

When I have been stressed, upset and pretty useless at times I find that by allowing myself to indulge and take a break really does help. I know that some business people consider that making room for the emotions is far too 'fluffy' and they are far too busy to consider it..... will they be the ones who 'go under' I wonder in the long run? Will they be the ones with a high sickness rate and employees on long term leave for stress related conditions? Or worse still, early heart attacks and strokes?

I was delighted to be told of this information about the top 10 big companies who actually build 'space' into working days for people to relax, meditate or simply 'chill' for a while.

Have a read of 

I just did a Google search for 'Happy Music' to give us a lift. I came across some relevant information on 
 - have a look at
Bet you feel better now!!

I also like a quote of theirs 'Stop holding on to what hurts so you can make room for what heals.'

And here's one to dance around to ..

'Everytime you get up
And get back in the race
One more small piece of you
Starts to fall into place'

So what can you do to 'switch-off' for a short while so that you'll return firing on all cylinders?

And get back in the race?

Elaine x

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