Saturday, 18 February 2012

A promising future ...... one year on.

Clive Edward Gott - left us last year at 8.50 pm on  Saturday 19th February.

His purpose was

' To be a permanent inspiration to anyone and everyone who seeks it. To constantly challenge myself in ways that test my emotional or physical strength, my integrity and my values. To prove to the best of my abilities that anything is possible to those who are prepared to step out of their self, or environmentally, inflicted comfort zones.

Then to deliver a message of inspiration to anyone and everyone who seeks the same and to do this with humour and abundance'.

He left us written instructions that his life be celebrated, not mourned. His brother and sister assure me that he would want us to treat tomorrow as any other day.

So let's smile as we remember and perhaps perform a small act of kindness or abundance in his memory..... and look to a promising, happy and fulfilled future where 'anything is possible'.

Elaine x

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