Monday, 20 February 2012

I won't give up - on fighting postnatal depression

In a week where I could have given up and dwelt on the past it is incredible how my purpose in life to help others who struggle with postnatal illness has been boosted!

Last Monday I was called by BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex to talk about mothers who do not bond with their babies. I spoke on the Allison Ferns programme just after 12.30 p.m. (see my previous blog on BBC London for the content). I remembered to say how much I love Dominic this time!

Then on Wednesday I was invited to make a film for a joint project between NHS Choices and ITN to be launched later in the year. I was thrilled that some of the Mums there had agreed to talk about postnatal illness due to my plea via Facebook - lovely to meet you ladies and your gorgeous babies! Thank you for sharing.  Chris Bingley  from The Joanne Bingley Memorial Foundation came along with his friend Lee and the three of us did a session on postnatal depression and partners, e.g. spotting the signs.

This morning I have been approached by another film company who are making a documentary on the subject. Yes I admit I enjoy the media aspects of my purpose yet my true reward is the (often unknown) impact that sharing my experiences of postnatal depression has. I recently received this message, which is shared with the writer's consent, because I feel it is important to show that by letting other sufferers know they are not alone, we CAN make a positive difference to others:-

Dear Elaine,
I think you are an amazing woman and admire all your work. I often speak about you to the women that come along to our Mums Matter groups. Many of these women are in a dark and lonely place, just like myself five years ago after the birth of my much awaited second child. I too suffered severe PND and am all too aware of the devastation it causes both during the illness and after. I have now moved on so much, that I now say PND was one of the worst experiences I have ever had, but believe I suffered for a reason! My reason being to be able to share my experience with families and give them hope, when their life feels as though they are walking through a long dark tunnel with no sign of light or way out. I have now begun the process of setting up PND Aware - a trust aimed at raising awareness of PND and supporting services which work with women and their families living with PND. I would love one day to be able to come to one of your events and meet you in person as I see myself one day working along side you! I would love that, two women who have lived fought and won the battle, illuminating the severity of this illness and the need for more specialised services in this country. Sorry for going on I am so passionate and probably deep down want to save the world! X

In addition I have heard from another former sufferer, Sarah, who is based in Nottingham, and has asked me to share her information. She been very busy trying to set up a peer support group in her area for those affected by PND. 

Sarah has had fantastic support from an organisation called Self Help Nottingham and here is the link for her poster for a planning/information meeting to be held at their office on 1st March:-
There is a Facebook page set up - "Open House Nottingham".

As I continue to work on my new website I continue to be inspired by those who share my purpose and passion on this subject.

Please can you email me directly if you are a Mum or Dad who have been affected by postnatal illness and would be happy to share your story. I am often asked by the media for those willing to share their experiences. We can't have too many! Please email me at . I will not pass on your details without your permission but may pass enquiries directly for you to decide if you wish to respond.

I guess this song sums me up!

Elaine x


Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine
Thank you so much for writing about "Open House Nottingham" - I really need some Nottingham mums who have overcome PND as I did to come forward and help get this project off the ground.

It goes without saying that I would be more than happy to contribute my story to your new website.

Keep up the good work you do both personally and with the JBMF - you are making a difference and have inspired me to help others.

With Very Best Wishes

Sarah Brumpton
Open House Nottingham

Elaine Hanzak-Gott said...

I have emailed BBC Radio Nottingham for you x

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