Wednesday, 8 October 2008

BBC Filming with Ruby Wax for Headroom

Today I went down to London for an exciting bit of filming. I had to get the train from Sheffield as I had to be back in that area that night and used East Midlands rail for the first time. My sincere thanks to Customer Host Derek who was a wonderful character and made my journey very pleasant!

Once in London I went to Ruby's beautiful home. She has a series with the BBC called Ruby's Room -

"Welcome to Ruby's Room, a cosy place to air feelings about those things we all tend to brush under the carpet.

I'll be looking at life's ups and downs that can leave us feeling blue - things like stress at work, coping with teenagers, the Black Dog (yes, depression), your daily obsession with CAKE... whatever!

I know how you feel and I also know how frightening and isolating problems like depression, stress or anxiety can be. I'll be here each week to listen and answer your questions. You can also find my films on YouTube."

We sat on a bench in the communal gardens at the back of her house and she asked me questions about my experience of postnatal depression. I think we filmed for about 20 minutes or so and before I knew it I was back on the train and heading back north.

Ruby and the production team were charming and I eagerly await the film being put on the site in a week or two. Watch this space!

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