Friday, 24 October 2008

Forward Ladies lunch
I had a delicious lunch today with Forward Ladies at the Victoria and Albert
hotel in Manchester.
Prior to the lunch I enjoyed an hour or so with Mumtaz
Hussain who has her own law firm MacKenzie Hope.
It seems we share the same positive outlook on life and like to spend time with those who also do. We also have grown as a result of troubled times and want to share the strength we have realised as a result.
At the lunch the air of a positive outlook continued. Etta Cohen, the
founder of Forward Ladies, explained the history and purpose of the
organisation and immediately we put the social and business opportunities
into action. It was great to meet the wonderful Jan Harney again. Jan is a
vicar and does amazing work for women of ages. She also makes her own

Over the meal we chatted about a number of issues but Mumtaz and I stressed
the impact that writing goals, having a vision and a support system had made
a difference to us. Some of the younger ladies were interested in this so I
confess it gave me chance to mention Clive and mine workshop on 11th
Rebecca Durrant from Horwath Clark Whitehill, . commented that she had seen me on the 'big cheese' table at the Chamber of Commerce lunch with Hazel Blears! I explained that had been a flook!
At the end of the lunch I spoke to ladies about the Professional Speakers
I am to take over as President of the NW chapter later in the
year so want more members to benefit as I have done!
I left very invigorated and played and sang along to Lionel Richie in the
car! Mum and I have just booked for his tour next year! Hooray!

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