Saturday, 25 October 2008

Dom and I do Legoland!

Ever since Dominic was 2 his passion has been Lego. By the age of 5 he could
put kits together meant for teenagers! His room is a shrine to Lego! My
parents took him and his cousin to Legoland for the first time when he was 3
and we have had an annual pilgrimmage ever since! Often with his cousin or a
I explained to Dom a few weeks ago that I am away a great deal in November
but at half term I would be at his beck and call.
So he asked if just the two of us could have an extra day at Legoland.
He didn't want to do rides but all the workshops. He said he'd be busy and
would worry about me 'just sitting' but I explained that would be a treat
for me! So after a slow journey on the M6 and M42 we had a night at Slough
Great location and good value book grab an early breakfast if you want to be at Legoland for the gates opening!
So next morning we were in a packed theme park on a crisp but sunny autumnal day.
First thing Dom chose to do was enter a 'build your own space ship'
competition. The prize was immaterial as he spent almost two hours creating
an intricate masterpiece. Meanwhile I settled down with a book - the
Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. I then people-watched. It was amazing
how many parents interfered with their child's play telling them to add this
or that. Others were being nagged at for spending 'too long' being creative
when they should be getting in queues for a ride! Another child was in
trouble for moaning and told that if they didn't behave they couldn't stay
for the fireworks in 8 hours time! Going to be a long wait!! It reminded me of the excellent 'Watch, wait and wonder' scheme for parents in observing their child at play, which I had heard of in Australia.
Dom then spent another long session creating vehicles to race followed by a
big mooch in the shop finally settling on a pick-a-brick selection from
loads of tubs.
The day passed quickly with Dom building wherever he could and choosing not
to queue for rides.
As dusk fell we sat waiting for fireworks to begin amid the fraying tempers
of families and excited children waving light sabers around and fighting
with each other!
The fireworks were impressive and as I watched him, wide-eyed, it took me back to when he was 16 months old and we went to Disney in Florida. Where did the years go? He has grown up to be a wonderful young man of whom I am very, very proud! We then did join a few queues and did have a go on some rides before we left for the long drive back to Cheshire.
I thought it would be the last time we went ... but he is already planning our next visit!

So from both a parent and child view we recommend Legoland for a fun day out!

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Nick said...

I'm very proud of you both!